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Clay roof tiles for extensions with a limited pitch.

Posted by Gavin Elwood, on
Hi, we're preparing to have an extension built onto the side of our home, the first floor windows limit the angle of the roof and therefore the tiles we can have fitted. We want a slate look but the 14degree limit on the pitch means we can't use slate. I've seen a clay tile called the "CS Plasma tile" which states it's for use on roofs from 13degrees and I was wondering if this is suitable? I dont like the way concrete tiles look so awful after only a few years and natural slate is not possible at that angle. Is the CS Plasma a viable choice?
Paul Martin

Paul Martin

Tiled roofs with a low pitch are prone to leaking, is it possible to either have a flat roof with a rubber EDPM roof membrane or to increase the pitch and have reverse dormers fitted around the windows below roof line?

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