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I have been overcharged - can I get some money back?

Posted by Mike Barlow, on
I accepted a quote of £420 for cleaning out gutters, and replacing a 1.5m length of leaking flashing on a small glazed porch roof, including sealing the glass panes with clear silicone. The work was carried out by one man, during two visits, in a total of approx. 4hrs. The materials used were a small quantity of fibre glass [not what I expected] to replace the existing flashing, and part of one cartridge of clear silicone. These were provided by the Contractor. By a rough calculation, I have been charged approx £100/hr for this work; and I believe I have been grossly overcharged. The Contractor I used had put a flyer through my letterbox to advertise his services, on which he included your Rated People logo. Do you think I have a case for a refund of part of the £420 I have paid; and can you help me recover that please?
Jonathan Ireland

Jonathan Ireland

Mike... the charge for labour does sound a bit much for the works carried out. Did this include VAT? Also did you receive a written quotation prior to the works? These factors would make a difference to the final bill! One thing I may add; if you had agreed to the quotation prior to works and were happy with the tradesperson/business/company. Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do. You entered a contract with them and also had a prior exceptance to the quotation ( pwhether written or verbal). The works were done and then this is what you where charged. J Ireland Plumber

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