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Biscuits and brews: the results are in!

Rated People recently set out to ask tradespeople from across the nation some very important questions about biscuits, brews, and all things break-time related.

Biscuits wearing medieval helmets, ready for the battle of the biscuits survey.

You – along with our brave biscuit competitors – turned up for the occasion, the results came in quick, and it was instantly clear just how many hot drink and biscuit lovers there are on this platform!

Here are the questions we asked, and this is what you had to say:

Do homeowners usually offer you a cup of tea? 

Glass filled 84% of the way with tea. A 16% gap represents the people that answered no to being offered tea.

Ahh, the humble brew. Our nation’s most famously popular hot drink. In fact, us brits love tea so much that results have revealed we make our way through a whopping 100 million cups every single day. That’s around 36 billion per year!

Not only are we a nation that is completely and utterly tea-obsessed, we also value being offered one on the job. After all, there’s nothing quite like taking time out of a long working day to sit down, relax, and enjoy a warming drink – especially when you didn’t have to make it yourself.

When we asked you if you were offered tea on the job, fortunately, a massive 84% answered yes. Although that sadly means 16% of you missed out on a warm brew.

Has this changed since the pandemic?

Hand sanitiser filled up to 62% to show how many tradespeople were still offered tea during covid.

Another important question. We wanted to know if the pandemic affected how often tradespeople were offered tea by homeowners. Thankfully, 62% of you said no – although this still means 38% of tradespeople were not offered a brew due to COVID concerns.

With restrictions in place, and homeowners rightly being cautious about spreading the virus, it’s understandable that things changed, but it’s still uplifting to know tradespeople were keeping those tea-consuming figures high!

Do homeowners usually offer you a biscuit? 

Pie chart showing 41% of homeowners offer tradespeople biscuits.

The biscuit: ultimate, unrivalled partner to the cup of tea. A match made it break-time heaven. Not only is the biscuit a humble champion of snacks, but it is also the best sweet treat for dunking in a brew and replenishing energy levels at any time of the day.

Along with asking you the all-important tea-related questions, we were also eager to find out if homeowners were offering a biscuit too. 

We discovered that unfortunately only 41% of homeowners were offering biscuits alongside hot drinks. A tragedy to say the least. This means that, shockingly, 59% of tradespeople were not offered a biscuit at all. 

What’s your favourite biscuit to have with tea? 

Diagram of biscuits in the survey, with bites taken out and percentages shown to represent the tradespeople's favourite biscuits.

Now onto the final, and my personal favourite, question of the survey.

Drum roll please. And the winner is…

the chocolate digestive!

A round of applause for the winning biscuit that secured 44% of the vote. Time and time again the chocolate digestive is a firm favourite, and this survey certainly hasn’t threatened its crown.

A wonderfully balanced ratio of chocolate and biscuit, the chocolate digestive comes out on top in terms of taste, texture, and dunking capabilities. 

The other biscuits in the running for the title were:

Plain digestive – 25%

Shortbread – 17%

Custard cream – 12%

Other – 2% (1% chocolate chip cookie, 1% bourbon)

At least for now, it’s safe to say the chocolate digestive is the godfather of biscuits.


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