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Deep cleaning for your home or office

We’re seeing a high demand for cleaning services right now, particularly in people looking to really get their home spotless and sanitised. So, we launched two new cleaning job types: Deep Cleaning – Domestic and Deep Cleaning – Commercial.

Steam cleaner being used to clean extractor fan

Below we explain why you might want a more thorough deep clean of your home or commercial property and how our professional cleaners can help get rid of deep grime, to sanitise and disinfect.

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What’s the difference between regular and deep cleaning?

Regular cleaning is what a typical household may do each day or week such as:

• Vacuuming
• Cleaning floors
• Wiping down surfaces
• Cleaning bathrooms and toilets
• Polishing furniture
• Dusting

Deep cleaning for your home or workplace on the other hand, not only covers the regular cleaning areas, but also hard-to-reach and forgotten areas too, for example:

• Inside ovens and microwaves
• Inside fridges and dishwashers
• Unclogging drains and pipes
• Windows and window frames
• Limescale removal from taps, tiles, shower heads, faucets
• Areas behind or under work surfaces and electronics
• Inside kitchen or bathroom cabinets
• Carpets and flooring
• Grouting
• Vacuuming under beds, upholstery, furniture
• Mirrors
• Sanitising waste bins
• Door handles, frames and fixtures
• Grime removal behind appliances such as washing machines and ovens

Man spraying disinfectant in a room

When do you need a deep clean?

Deep cleaning is usually required a few times a year in both domestic and commercial settings for a thorough spring clean, or the end of a tenancy if you’re moving house.

Deep cleaning for your home or workplace also helps to prevent the spread of germs, and to reduce allergies or breathing problems associated with dust and dirt build up. Grime removal will make sure appliances such as ovens, fridges and microwaves work effectively and makes surfaces look bright, creating a fresh and healthy environment for you to live and work in.

What can our tradespeople do to help?

Our tradespeople can deep clean your home or commercial premises, covering all kinds of areas and items. Before you hire a cleaner it’s worth thinking about what you want included in your deep clean – for example, the carpets and the oven. What’s included varies between tradespeople, so state what you need in your job listing, or agree it with your cleaner before the job begins.

Sponge cleaning of computer keyboard

If someone in your household is showing symptoms of coronavirus, then only tradespeople with PPE (personal protective equipment) can enter to do a deep clean, so it’s important you state this in your job listing.

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For more information about cleaning in a non-healthcare setting (during the COVID-19 crisis) please read the government’s advice on

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