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Creative Wall Decoration Ideas

Who says you need a big bank balance to have a cool art collection?  There are literally zillions of creative wall decoration ideas that take hardly any time and what’s more can ring in at less than £100!  The trick is to make your art look and feel like it’s fit for one of those fancy Mayfair galleries – oh and get ready for all those,  ‘Where did you buy that art?” sort of questions that are certain to come your way after you implement some of these ideas.

Creative wall decoration ideas

Think differently about books

While wandering around some flea markets over the weekend, I got inspired to look at art in a completely different way. I came across the most magical end papers in a great big heap that regrettably I didn’t have the time to wade through but thought would make the most amazing collection of wall art. It got me thinking about how you can instantly turn books into the coolest kind of wall art. You could frame illustrations or sketches from inside for example, or frame some cool fonts, even the cover of a book.

creative wall decoration ideas

Hunt out cool album covers

Vintage record stores, charity shops and flea markets all have lots and lots of LP covers which make the most amazing artwork when framed and mounted up. Who cares if you’ve not heard of the rock bands – the more obscure the better I say!

creative wall decor

Embrace the Waterlogue app

Have you heard of the app Waterlogue? You take an image on your phone, pass it through the app and it turns your photo into a super passable watercolour! All you then have to do is print it out and frame it, as I’m about to do with this image of my two dogs Mungy and Maud.

wall decor

Get creative

Kate Moss has an old oil painting of a landscape which Banksy has scrawled across so why not take inspiration from that and do something similar? It suddenly turns quite trad conventional, cheap as chips, flea market art into something super gallery-esque. You don’t need to stop with art, check out what Jimmie Martin has done to chairs, furniture, wallpaper… you name it!

wall art ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Mix it up

One trick I do time and time again with my homemade art is to mix them into the company of some more authentic pieces or pieces that look like they’ve cost the earth. I remember Andy Spade (who has the most amazing collection of art) saying in his Manhattan apartment that no one can tell what’s cost zillions, what’s a school project or picked up from a flea and I love that. When you put cheaper or lesser looking pieces in the company of the big boys it immediately ups their status and it’s such an easy trick to do.

wall art

Do it yourself

You don’t need to be an artist to create a work of beauty. In the past for clients with limited funds, we’ve gotten all creative and painted a huge canvas out in a single hue, nothing more than that, and simply suspended it on a wall. Powerful and distinctive with a nod to Mondrian or Rothko.

Happy Crafting!

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