Gardening ‘is an option for urban and rural dwellers’

Whether people live in a city-centre home or a countryside estate, they should be aware that there is no reason not to have a beautiful and well-loved garden.

Alan Jaffe, public relations manager at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, said there are plenty of green options open to everybody, no matter where their address lies. He said the only impact the location of a home will have on its garden is the type of plants that can be grown. “Look at what space you have [and] what type of plants are best in the environment that you live in,” Mr Jaffe stated, adding that how much sunlight a garden receives is another key factor.

The expert went on to urge people to do what is right for their space and what their heart is telling them. This could mean drafting in a professional to help out with the work.

Susan Littlefield, horticultural editor at the National Gardening Association, recently explained there is plenty of interest around the UK in the idea of urban gardening.

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