How to keep your home secure whilst you’re away on holiday

Your next holiday will give you the opportunity to rest, recharge and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. And, with research finding that every holiday you take each year reduces your risk of metabolic syndrome (the risk factors that contribute to heart disease) by 25%, you’ll improve your physical health, too. However, one thing that can stop you from fully relaxing is worrying about whether your home is secure whilst you’re not there.

Whether you’re going to explore the UK in your camper van or are planning on doing nothing except lounging on the beach, make sure you can let go and de-stress by taking the necessary home security precautions beforehand. Take a look at some key security tips, below.

Pause any mail subscriptions

Home security precautions: Parcels left on doorstep

A pile of parcels and letters on your doorstep is a clear sign that you’ve not been home for a while. Make sure to pause any fruit and veg box, meal kit and other subscription box deliveries. Or, change the delivery date to when you’re back.

You can also sign up to Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service. They’ll keep your post whilst you’re away. Then, once you let them know you’re back, they’ll deliver it all to your address.

Lock your things away

Opportunist thieves will use ladders, tools and other equipment left in your garden to break a window and force entry into your house. So, put your equipment away in a garage or locked shed, instead.

In the same way, you should keep any valuables inside your home out of sight. Put anything of real value in a home safe. Plus, keep your door and car keys away from any windows, where they can be easily spotted and fished out.

It’s important to security mark your high value belongings too, in case the worst happens, and you do get burgled. Security marked valuables are harder for burglars to sell on, which discourages them from stealing them in the first place. Plus, security marking helps the police to return your stolen items to you if they’re found.

Consider a smart security system

Home security precautions: Woman relaxing in hammock whilst looking at a home security smartphone app

Smart security cameras let you see what’s going on in your home no matter where you are, through a smartphone app. Innovative motion detection features notify you if someone gets inside or very close to your house, or if they open a door or window, so you won’t have to be stuck to your phone all day. You can then quickly notify the police, who might have more of a chance of stopping the intruder.

A great way to make it look like people are home (and therefore ward off burglars) is to have the lights on. Obviously, it’s not friendly to the environment or your pocket to keep them on 24/7. So, consider installing a smart lighting system. It’ll allow you to set a schedule, so your lights turn on periodically. Or, you can turn them on and off as you wish on a smartphone app.

Want to go the extra mile with your home security precautions? Check out some extreme home security systems.

Focus on door and window integrity

A weak door is an easy entry point for a thief. So, another of the key home security precautions to take is to make sure that your door isn’t misaligned or damaged. You should also consider upgrading your door locks to British Standard or high security anti-snap locks – it’s the number one top security tip from locksmiths!

In addition, make sure all your windows are strong, sealed and closed before you jet off. Double or triple glazed windows are stronger and harder to break than single glazed ones; additional features such as sash jammers and toughened glass will give you extra peace of mind, too.

Be careful on social media

Group of friends in a hot tub on a weekend away

It can be tempting to share a poolside selfie on social media, but you never know who can see your posts. Stay on the safe side – don’t broadcast your absence whilst you’re away. Wait until you’re back home to upload those memories!

Keep your home’s exterior in check

Some criminals will keep an eye on the exterior of your house for the tell-tale signs that you’ll be out for a while. An overgrown lawn, washing left on the line and dead front edging will give them the confirmation they’re looking for. So, get your garden in shape and remember to take your washing in before you go.

Enlist the help of your neighbours

Two neighbours talking through the fence

Lots of us get a trusted friend, family member or neighbour to pop in and feed the cat and water the plants whilst we’re away. It’s worth asking them to draw the curtains, switch the lights on (remembering to turn them off before they leave), remove any leaflets or junk mail in the letterbox and park their car on your driveway whilst they’re there, too. This will make your house look lived in and discourage any potential intruders keeping an eye on it.

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