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Get inspired: the Chelsea Flower Show 2021

For the first time in its 108-year history, the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show came to life in a picturesque autumnal setting. Stepping into the Chelsea pavilion this September has been a feast for the eyes and fuel for the imagination. Pumpkins, seed-heads and late-to-flower plants like penstemon and dahlias replaced the usual spring palette.  

Gardeners and talented horticultural artists have taken to the stage to present some of the most impressive floral displays seen to date.  

Here you’ll find a round-up of some of the most stand-out gardens from the show, sure to inspire amateur designers to re-create these masterpieces in their own outdoor spaces.

Beautiful display of multicoloured flowers from The Chelsea Flower Show.

Discover ideas and tips and get inspired to transform your garden today!

Psalm 23 garden

Peaceful image of garden with lush greenery and a gentle waterfall running through the middle.

Inspired by the landscape of Dartmoor where the architect grew up, Psalm 23 was created as a symbol of hope and encouragement to help us through the Coronavirus pandemic. This garden provides a space for people to breathe in fresh air, clear their heads, and enter a state of complete relaxation as they engage with nature.

A spiritually charged haven, Psalm 23 is a sanctuary filled with native plants such as hawthorns, guelder roses and polypody ferns. Large granite boulders sit still in the water and on the green spaces above as a gentle stream flows down from the rocks, transporting us deep into a forest.

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Balcony gardens

Thatched, wooden egg chair, hanging from a tree sat within a sunlit forest.

Over the last year the importance of having an outdoor space like a balcony to retreat to, even as the leaves turn brown and winter approaches, continues to be on the rise. Featured for the first time, the enchanting yet practical Balcony Gardens at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show have given us fresh ideas about how we can all transform pocketed spaces. Balconies instantly open our homes and, if cared for correctly, can help us invite greenery into urban areas.

One of my favourites from the Balcony Garden category is Martha Krempel’s ‘Arcadia’. This unique pocket-sized garden provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of city living, overflowing with lush plants including an exotic palm tree. Central to this unique design is a set of doors transported from a lock-up in Surrey, having been originally rescued from India and placed in storage for over two decades!

Yeo Valley organic garden

Urban balcony, decorated with potted plants bathed in sunlight.

Famed for their organic dairy products, the Yeo valley organic garden has been awarded a gold medal at the show this year. Encouraging homeowners and professional garden designers alike to ‘put nature first’, the Yeo valley organic garden took just two and a half weeks to complete. Yeo valley is one of only a handful of certified organic gardens in the UK and highlights the importance of taking care of nature’s soil, especially in our own gardens. It features a variety of habitats and wildlife as well as a showstopping, sculptural ‘steam-bent oak egg’ suspended in mid-air above unkept grass and scattered plants.

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