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How to use metallics in your kitchen

From the all-out shiny to surfaces with a subtle shimmer, the trend for using metallics in kitchen design looks set to stay. While metals such as chrome and nickel have featured on fixtures for years, the latest wave of metallics goes beyond taps and handles into almost every other area of design. However, it can be tricky to know where to use metallics to their best effect, and whether to bring in warm or cool metals or a mixture. Here are some simple ways to give your kitchen that extra sparkle.

Use as an accent colour in your kitchen

While a whole bank of gleaming kitchen cabinetry may overwhelm a design, the trick with a strong metallic, such as gold or copper, is to use it in the same way as you would a bright shade. Splashes along a plinth or shelf serve as a highlight when combined with cupboards in a neutral colour or you could try adding metallic doors in one or two places to get a luxe feel that’s still light and sophisticated. Drawer fronts are a natural place for a warm metal, or you could try using it on cabinetry that’s been breakfronted (i.e base units that stand proud of a run of cupboards). While white makes a perfect backdrop for metallics, so will dark shades, like smoky grey, deep chocolate brown or matt black, such as in this SE3003 and S2-R kitchen.

metallic kitchen

Image source: SieMatic

Update with shimmering food preparation surface

There’s no easier way to try a trend as part of your design than as a splashback. A lesser commitment than worktops in a metallic shade, splashbacks can be changed with minimum fuss for a quick update, while still providing plenty of surface area to get the full effect. Back-painted low iron glass will give you gloss paired with understated shimmer, or you could try sparkling tiles, antiqued bronze mirror or polished stainless steel, depending on the style of your kitchen. There’s no need to stick to just splashbacks either – metallics work equally well on tabletops, handles and flooring.

metallic splashback

Image source: Original Style

Make your kitchen cupboards glow

Thanks to advances in lacquers, paints and gloss finishes, even simple cabinetry doors can come with an elegant sheen for a hint of metallic that’ll still look fresh and modern for years to come. If you’ve chosen a cool shade, such as pale blue or grey, emphasise it by adding handles, taps and appliances in complementary shades, such as chrome, nickel and steel, or contrast with natural materials like stone.

baby blue kitchen

Image source: Dream Doors

Discover kitchen accessories to enhance shelves and cabinets

With the love of all things metallic showing no sign of slowing, the high street is a great place to find accessories in different metals, from subtle matt finishes to hammered textures that bring beauty and personality to your kitchen scheme. Try displaying your favourite finds on open shelving or swap a minimal pendant for a trio of metal shades oozing industrial charm. You can also use accessories to mix and match different metals and find the right combination for you. This design features both warm and cool metals to bring the wow factor to its simple painted cabinetry, from brushed nickel handles and statement lighting to a range cooker in glowing bronze.

mixed metals kitchen

Image source: deVol

For some more inspiration, check out some smart kitchen solutions for wine and drinks.

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  1. love the copper idea wont go out of fashion and looks brill ,I would have chosen larger knobs for the cupboards ,other than that its got to be my dream kitchen ,yes I like to be a little different ,I usually go for a large centre piece ,but with the copper the shine says it all ,

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