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Themed room decor ideas for any type of space

Picture of a room with musical themed decor and instruments

Home design isn’t just about how a room looks, but about how it makes you feel. That’s why themed rooms are so popular. By creating a space centred around one idea, you can completely change your style and mindset.

Whilst value-adding home improvement projects are always a good idea (such as a home office, an orangery, or a renovated bathroom), you could also think about using themed decor to set the tone of your space.

For themed room ideas that would work in the bedroom and beyond, keep reading!

A crystal-inspired room

Picture of some crystals on a low wooden stool

For many, crystals bring comfort and energy, so centering a room around them can really set the mood. The variety of colours gives you creative licence to design a room that suits you.

You’ve got plenty of crystals to choose from! We’ve narrowed it down to our top picks for a crystal themed room:

  • Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that is known for its protective powers
  • Sodalite is a rich navy blue that is used to bring balance and calm
  • The black-coloured healing crystal hematite would work well as a dark contrast to an otherwise richly coloured room.

As well as the stones themselves, there are some other crystal bedroom accessories you could incorporate. A crystal ball or chakra tree would fit the theme. So would crystal bookends, especially if you’re creating a decorative bookcase. From colour to accessories, crystals bring together a cohesive room design.

An Earth-inspired room

Picture of a room with plants and earth tones

Bring the outside in with an Earth themed room. Nature can be very calming, so Earth is a great theme for a space where you go to relax and wind down. You have plenty of soft earthy tones to choose from. For example, aquatic blue, sandy brown, tan brown, sage green or even a combination of these tones.

Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme, it’s time to add earthy bedroom decor. Plant and indoor foliage suit the theme well, providing both complementing and contrasting colours depending on the plant. For more inspiration, just look outside your window!

To kickstart the creation of your Earth-inspired room, find a painter to decorate your room with your chosen colour by posting a job on Rated People. Then you can get on with the fun bit – adding the decor!


A beach themed room

Picture of a beach themed living room with coffee table and sofa

Why not theme your room around your favourite place, like the beach? The beach is a great reference point for your colour scheme. There are the blues and greens of the sea, the yellows and browns of the sand and even some bolder colours we’re used to seeing on the beach like red and white striped deck chairs.

Creating a beach themed bedroom gives you a lot of options for decor too. You could design the room like a beach house, go with surfing accessories, or even create an under the sea themed bedroom. The beach is a starting point for a lot of awesome ideas.

Where to get help creating your themed bedroom

Picture of a living room with green plant themed paintings on the wall and a sofa

Anything can be a theme for a room. Think about what you like, what makes you feel good and what relaxes you. These places, things and experiences can set off your creativity and help you decorate a special space in your home.

To turn your ideas into reality, you might need the help of a tradesperson. From painting to assembling to fixing, find the expert support you need for your themed room by posting a job on Rated People.


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