Green Deal ‘to transform housing stock’

The nation’s housing stock could be transformed by the Green Deal, one expert has claimed.

Gordon Miller, co-founder and sustainability and communications director at Sustain Worldwide, called it a “significant piece of legislation” that could turn homes into “warmer, cheaper places to heat and power”.

Builders in Bradford may be buoyed by the news that homeowners will be incentivised to carry out energy efficient house enhancements. In short, the plan is about “making expensive home improvement and retrofitting affordable via low interest loans”, according to Mr Miller. He stated individuals will also benefit from the set-up of the scheme, as any loans taken out will be paid off as a charge through energy bills.

As of October 19th, the Energy Act – which sets out the legal framework of the Green Deal – has become law and it has opened up the way for the scheme to be launched in autumn 2012.

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