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How to turn an empty space into a new hobby room

Picture of a games room with pool table

The hobby room you’ve always dreamt of

If you’re trying to find your style, how about decorating a whole room based on your hobby? Home decor ideas can help you create the perfect space, allowing you to incorporate personal elements into your home. Our 2022 Trends Report shows that there are decor ideas for everyone. Both cottagecore and Japandi decor made it into the top 20 trends from TikTok and Instagram.

A hobby room is a space inspired by and adapted for your hobbies. It’s where you go to chill out and immerse yourself in what you love to do. So, if you don’t need a home office and a home gym isn’t your thing, turn your spare room into a hobby room!

Don’t know where to start? Here are some hobby room ideas to inspire you.

A dedicated gaming room

Picture of a games room with console

Updating your gaming setup can completely transform your experience, but it does take up a lot of space. Instead of trying to fit your equipment in your bedroom or living room, why not create your own dedicated gaming space?

When planning your gaming room design, there are various elements to consider. First, find a gaming chair with good back support. Invest in a high-tech TV for the best visual experience. You could even add a few physical games to enjoy when you have friends around like a pool table or air hockey.

A music themed room

Picture of a hobby room with a TV and drum set

Musical equipment also takes up a lot of space. If you’re a musician, why not design a music room, so you can really immerse yourself in the music?

As well as housing your musical instruments and their accessories, you could optimise the room for playing. Soundproof the windows to avoid annoying the neighbours. Add acoustic panelling if you’re planning on recording your sessions. Keep yourself inspired by using music themed room decor like posters and murals.

To get your set up just right, post a job on Rated People and find a carpenter to create your shelving and furniture for you.


A relaxing room

Picture of a room with yoga equipment

A relaxing room is the perfect place to unwind after work. You could fill the space with yoga mats, or even a reading corner.

Especially if you work from home, having a separate space filled with things that relax you can really improve your wellbeing. What helps you to let go of the day? You could decorate the room with your favourite paintings, scented candles and atmospheric fairy lights. Set up activities that distract your mind from your worries such as mindful colouring books, speakers to play your favourite music, and even a TV to watch your comfort shows.

Make this space your own so it’s a real safe haven for you.

A cinema room

Picture of a hobby room transformed into a cinema room

If you’re currently streaming shows on your laptop or TV but want to upgrade a bit, why not design a cinema room. You can really get creative with your interior design ideas for this hobby room, taking inspiration from Old Hollywood or futuristic tech.

Decide how you’re going to watch your favourite films. Which wall will house your widescreen TV or projector screen? Then build the rest of the room with comfy chairs, side tables for snacks and even a microwave for making popcorn.

Where to get help creating your themed room

Picture of a room with an armchair and a bookcase full of books

The possibilities are endless with a hobby room. You can always browse TikTok or Pinterest for more ideas. For help bringing your vision to life, post a job on Rated People. Whether it’s decor, furniture assembly or electrics, we can help you create the hobby room of your dreams.


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