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How to decorate a living room TV wall

From retro box TVs to ultra-modern flat screens, TVs have been a common feature in UK living rooms for decades. As technology advances, so does your telly’s screen size. That means it can easily dominate your living room and disrupt your décor.

Find a way to make your television fit perfectly into your chosen design scheme by taking a look at our living room TV wall ideas, below.

Paint a design around the TV

Yellow wall with white stripe, dark wood shelving, ornaments and a small wall mounted TV

Get creative and paint a pattern or design on the wall around your TV. Simply paint a strip in a tone that contrasts the colour of the rest of the wall, or if you’re more artistically inclined, paint a more intricate design that’s uniquely yours! Whatever your choice, you’ll make the TV less of a dominant feature without completely hiding it away.


Light the area

White interior with recessed LED lighting

When you watch TV in the dark, you can strain your eyes. This can cause health problems such as headaches and blurred vision, and even leave you with dry eye syndrome. To reduce this risk, decorate your living room TV wall with task lighting to illuminate the area around your TV.

LED bulbs are a popular choice for living room lighting, as they’re long-lasting and energy efficient. Remote-controlled LED light strips are a great choice to backlight your TV, as the colour can be changed to fit the mood. For example, soft pink lighting creates a romantic atmosphere. On the other hand, dark blue adds a mysterious vibe that makes horror movie nights even better.


Surround it with wall tiles

Industrial-style room with cement tiles on wall

Tiles aren’t just for the bathroom! Gorgeous decorative wall tiles come in a range of textures, colours and sizes to match your chosen décor style. Mount your TV so it fits at an even point in the wall tile pattern. This way, it’ll fit in with the surrounding aesthetic.

A bespoke entertainment unit

TV in sculpted wooden entertainment unit

Bulky entertainment units make your living room’s design look outdated. That’s why it’s best to go with a slimline, built-in option.

A carpenter can craft a made-to-measure wood entertainment unit that will fit your space perfectly, add the right amount of storage that you need for your games consoles and set-top box, as well as feature special design features such as carved patterns.


Recess the TV into the wall

Neutral decor in luxury living room with window wall, elegant furniture and television and modern fireplace in wall

If you’d rather keep your flat screen TV as discreet as possible, recess it so it sits flush within the wall. You’ll be left with a sleek, modern display that appears to be part of the wall itself at first glance.


Feature wood panels

Room with wooden floor and wall panels

At many times, all eyes in the living room will be on the TV. Transform the wall it’s mounted on into a feature wall with stylish wood panels, so the TV becomes a beautiful focal point even when it’s not turned on. Picture frame wall moulding is common in period-style homes, whilst board and batten panelling is a modern choice that’s one of the UK’s top interior trends (according to The Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report: 2021).


Mount your TV on exposed brick

TV mounted on exposed brick wall

After all the time and effort spent smashing plaster, scrubbing and filling in cracks to reveal an authentic exposed brick wall, the last thing you want to do is ruin the timeless look you’ve achieved – or worse, damage the historic brick – with a wonky or poorly-mounted TV. You’ll need tools such as a hammer drill and masonry anchors that will hold your TV’s specific weight, in order to mount your TV correctly.


Use wall stickers

Modern interior design with wall of windows, floor to ceiling fireplace surround, hardwood floors, and exterior view of pool and trees

Wall stickers are a quick, easy and cheap way to decorate your living room TV wall. Plus, unlike paint and wallpaper (excluding peel-and-stick), wall stickers can be quickly removed if you’re partial to redecorating regularly.

Hang shelves around it

Living room with pink accents

Adorn floating shelves with ornaments, plants and family photos to make your living room TV wall a display of your personality and lifestyle, rather than just a functional area to house your TV.

If you’re hanging a shelf on plasterboard (also known as gypsum board or drywall), make sure to anchor the brackets in studs in the wall, so it doesn’t collapse seconds afterwards.


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