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Garden transformation with DVS Trade Solutions

We make plenty of memories in our gardens, whether that’s during fun family BBQs, relaxing solo gardening sessions or simple picnics with the kids. To help you get your outdoor space in its best shape (especially for hosting loved ones post-lockdown) we gave away a £2,000 garden transformation on Instagram!

So, we teamed up with Rated People tradesperson, Daniel from DVS Trade Solutions, to transform our winner Debbie’s garden. The prize went towards the cost of materials and labour.

Daniel tackled a range of jobs to transform Debbie’s garden, including:

Paving a modern walkway

A new garden path makes the journey from indoors to outdoors much more natural, by seamlessly connecting the house and patio to the rest of the garden.

Featuring wide, square paving slabs in a light grey colour, Debbie’s new walkway offers a simple yet contemporary look that will stand the test of time – and footfall!


Refreshing a worn-out fence

Our fences bear the brunt of storms, summer heat, heavy snow and other extreme weather. A fresh lick of paint on a worn-out fence will protect the wood from the elements and bring a pop of colour to your garden, too.

Tidying up overgrown edging

Garden transformation: Tidy garden edging with bark chippings and trimmed plants

Did you know that having an overgrown garden could knock £8,817 off your home’s value? To tidy up Debbie’s garden, Daniel removed weeds, trimmed the plants and added bark chippings to the plant beds. Not only do bark chippings suppress the growth of pesky weeds, but they also support healthy plant growth by:

  • Releasing nutrients that fertilise the soil.
  • Protecting plant roots from the weather by acting as a layer of insulation.
  • Helping the soil to retain water by preventing evaporation, so you won’t have to water your plants as much.

Completing handy shed repairs

Our sheds are often the last thing we think of when re-doing our gardens, even if they’re damaged. But, thanks to Daniel completing simple repairs, such as fixing smashed windows and mending broken panels, Debbie’s shed is now a secure place to store garden tools and other expensive equipment safely away from thieves and bad weather.


Levelling off uneven turf

Lumps and bumps make a lawn look unsightly. Plus, they can cause waterlogging and pose a risk of injury, especially for kids. By getting her lawn levelled by an expert gardener, Debbie will now find it easier to mow the grass and get an even cut.

Fixing important garden drainage

Rain is almost guaranteed during a typical British summer! The Royal Horticultural Society says that installing drainage is one of the most useful fixes for gardens that can’t drain rainwater away effectively.

Whether you’d like a complete redesign or you just need to tick off some simple maintenance tasks, complete your garden transformation with the help of a gardener on Rated People.


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