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Alternative dining room ideas

It used to be the case that we’d all have two reception rooms – a living room and a dining room. The living room would be for sitting and entertaining, while the dining room would be the area we’d go to for family dinners. Many families have a routine of getting together around the dining table, but it seems like more and more of us are neglecting them and eating our meals on the living room sofa instead!

If your dining room’s become a showroom, maybe it’s time to switch things up with one of our dining room ideas and turn it into a space that you’ll actually use. Have you considered creating a ‘hangout’ space or a children’s play room?

The hangout room

As the main room in the home, the living room is often described as the place to ‘hangout’. Bedrooms are private spaces so the living room’s become the one place where the whole family can get together and communicate. At least, that’s the ideal scenario. We all know that in any family, there’s always one person who just wants everyone to be quiet so they can watch their favourite programme on TV. In my family, it’s whoever has control of the remote at the time!

Picture of a dining room with black and white furniture

This is when the hangout room comes into its own. Create a space where you can chat as well as watch TV or carry out other activities that you enjoy.

Unlike the living or dining room, there’s no magic formula. You may like the idea of a pool table, whereas others may be horrified. Seating’s the only priority. Decide whether you’d like another sofa or whether you can make your current table and chairs work. Perhaps you have friends over every weekend and could use the space for drinks and nibbles?

Picture of a living room with a fireplace

The playroom

Do you like your children playing upstairs in their bedrooms or in the living room? If you want to keep them within view but keep them from underneath your feet – a playroom could be a great investment. The best playroom will be the one that’s designed around your children’s needs. If they like to draw, create an area for a table and chairs.

If they’re more active, consider placing the table and chairs in the corner or avoiding having them altogether so there’s plenty of space for them to run around without injuring themselves. Bean bags always work well – especially if your children like to sit down and read.

Picture of a living room with pattern carpet

Does your dining room live up to its name or has it become unloved of late? Let us know by commenting below or getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter. If you need help transforming yours into a different space using one of the dining room ideas in this blog, post your job and request a quote.

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