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How to keep your garden beautiful all year round

Lots of us get our gardens in shape for summer. Wouldn’t it be great if those improvements also made your garden perfect for spending time in all year round? Watch our latest video to hear Ricky from Pride Landscape and Design’s top 6 garden features that’ll transform yours into an outdoor haven, no matter the season.

After watching the video, see how these features could look in your garden, below.

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A social space

Garden with outdoor kitchen: sink, BBQ and seating area on paved patio
Built in fire pit in garden, in all year round garden

Last year, 44% of UK homeowners said they wouldn’t have been able to see family members if they didn’t have a garden/outside space (according to the Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report: 2021). Now that many of us can host friends and family in our gardens, it’s time to create an inviting outdoor space that’s ideal for all your get-togethers.

Skip to 00:11 in the video to hear Ricky’s top 5 features to consider when creating a social space.

A space for the kids

Wood treehouse with slide, swing and steps in large garden
Upcycled tires in garden as children's play equipment

Keep the kids entertained for hours with outdoor play equipment. Let their imaginations run wild with a magical treehouse or encourage play in even the smallest of gardens with a compact swing.

For some more outdoor play equipment options, go to 01:15 in the video.

Year-round colour

Pear tree espalier on fence in all year round garden
Red chrysanthemums dusted in frost, in all year round garden

Some fruit trees, such as pear trees, look great throughout the year. They produce springtime blossoms, autumnal leaves and appetising fruits in the summer. If you’ve got a small garden, opt for an espalier (a tree or shrub that’s trained to grow flat against a wall or other sturdy structure).

Skip to 01:27 in the video to see how Ricky showed a client what colour different plants would be at each time of year, before he planted them. This helped them to be sure their outdoor space would look vibrant, even in the winter.

Bringing the home and garden together

Small all year round garden with post lights
View into cosy kitchen from patio whilst it's snowing

You might not have thought about what your garden looks like from indoors. But, this plays a big part in making your outdoor space feel like part of your home. Plus, if you’re working from home, a beautiful garden view could even help improve your productivity.

Discover how certain features can bring your outdoor and indoor spaces together by going to 01:48 in the video.

Sheltered area

Garden pavilion with pond, sitting area and trellis, in all year round garden
Large wood gazebo with lights on a summer night in all year round garden

A garden shelter, like a pergola, offers the all the protection you need from the rain, sun and wind. Skip to 02:19 in the video to see a bespoke half-and-half shelter that Ricky made for a client, to provide shade in the summer and shelter in the winter. A gardener or landscaper can create something similar for your all year round garden.


Garden walkway with seating and low lighting, in all year round garden
LED lighting in garden shrubbery at night

One of Ricky’s tips for all budgets is to install garden lights. They’re helpful when you’re having a cuppa in the garden on a misty morning or if you’re having guests over on a dusky evening.

See how lighting can bring practical and aesthetic value to your garden, by going to 02:45 in the video.

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