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Introducing the UK’s first ever locksmith qualification

Written by Keytek® Locksmiths

If you’re looking for a new career, particularly one as a ‘key worker’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, look no further than training to become a locksmith. Be your own boss, work the hours you choose… Sounds good right? In 2020, Keytek® Locksmiths launched the UK’s first locksmith qualification, available through their Training Academy. Read on to find out more about the course.

Locksmiths aren’t qualified?!

Locksmith explaining how lock works to customer

Currently, you don’t need any qualifications to become a locksmith. This might be a scary thought for homeowners, as locksmiths know all the tricks of the trade to get into your home (albeit dodgy tricks with no recognised skills!). Before now, the highest qualification locksmiths could attain was an accreditation, which all Keytek® Locksmiths are trained to. But with times and regulations within the industry changing, it’s about time that locksmithing is monitored better. Plus, having qualifications can help locksmiths to gain trust with potential customers and therefore win more work.

This is also why it’s important for companies such as Keytek® Locksmiths to join Rated People – it reassures homeowners that the locksmith they’re hiring is part of a vetted and respected business.

What’s the new locksmith qualification?

Locksmith installing lock in door

The very first locksmith qualification available in the UK is the new Level 3 Diploma for Commercial Locksmiths and Property Security. The qualification has been regulated by Highfield, a global leader in apprenticeships and work-based learning qualifications. In addition, it’s the only one of its kind to be government approved.

Keytek® Locksmiths Training Academy are one of the only institutions to offer this official locksmith qualification. The qualification consists of 14 separate units, which will enable trainees to understand everything they need to know to begin their life as a successful locksmith.

Why train to become a locksmith?

Snapped key in lock

Thinking of training to become a locksmith? Here are some reasons why you should:

1. Good work/life balance

Locksmiths get to choose their own working hours. Want to pick the kids up from school or take an extra couple of days off this weekend? No problem!

2. Find a long-term, sustainable career

Many of us have been hit hard due to the global coronavirus pandemic, with tens of thousands of us finding our jobs at risk or losing them all altogether. Fortunately, locksmiths are tradespeople and are therefore classed as key workers, as many people may find themselves locked outside of their homes or in need of a new lock due to a burglary during the pandemic. So, locksmiths have continued to work throughout the UK’s COVID-19 lockdowns.

3. Continued career progression

The longer they’re in the industry, the more locksmiths perfect their work. Plus, locksmiths are constantly improving their skills and knowledge, as demand for new smart home security rises in particular. What’s more, locksmiths have the choice of being independent, running their own franchise and/or subcontracting with a larger company. The opportunities to learn and grow are endless.

4. Substantial earnings

On average, locksmiths earn between £20,000-£30,000 a year. This number increases significantly depending on the amount of work the individual puts in. As we mentioned above, locksmiths are able to start their own company and/or subcontract with a larger company to fill in any gaps of work and secure their income. In addition, joining an online marketplace, such as Rated People, is a great way for locksmiths to pick up work as needed.

Why train with Keytek® Locksmiths Training Academy?

Locksmith using a drill

Keytek® Locksmiths are industry leaders who have been training successful locksmiths for decades! Taking place in the Academy’s purpose-built training facility, industry experts teach the locksmith qualification course. Keytek® guarantees that each student will be provided with their own individual door and set of tools throughout the duration of the course, in order to ensure there is no waiting around for others. Each course is limited to just three students, to adhere to social distancing guidelines and to provide each student with vital one-to-one training time.

Find out more about why you should train with Keytek®.

How do I start the locksmith qualification course?

This bit is easy! To find out more information about the course, including cost, a rough timeline and more, head to the Keytek® Academy website.

If you’d like to make a head start on booking your place on the course, then simply send the Keytek® Academy team an email at [email protected]. They’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and give you a call if you’d like. If you don’t have access to email, then you can call the team on 01202 711195. Some of the team are working from home at the moment, but if you leave them a message they will get back to you.

Looking to train in another trade? Check out Rated People’s guide to apprenticeships.

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