Things that date – glossy red kitchens

As homeowners are opting to stay for the long haul and improve rather than move, when it comes to kitchens instead of a paint job and new handles, homeowners are doing complete redesigns.

Trendy (impractical) kitchens used to be the reserve of Grand Design homes, aspirational designs that we all went ‘oh ah’ at, but would never want to implement in our own homes. Now it seems these kitchens have gone mainstream. If you don’t have high gloss cabinets in an acid tone, with an equally impractical, high maintenance counter top, you’re probably in the minority!

Picture of a red glossy kitchen with wooden floors

Whether it’s sharp lines or rounded curves, the nation has gone crazy for acrylic and high gloss kitchen cabinets, and for the ultra fashion conscious they are also available in minimalist handle-less draws – either way it’s all about colour blocking. You could confuse it for this season’s catwalk trends, and that is just what is it – the current trend . Next season it will look as dated as the once en vogue avocado bathroom suite.

It is rumoured that as a result of the retro revival trend, the avocado suite maybe on its way back in and making an appearance in your local B&Q showroom!

We wonder if the red high gloss kitchen is the next avocado suite monstrosity? However, perhaps – after its inevitable demise – it will regain popularity and become retro, and you’ll only have to live with it for 20 years before it’s ‘cool’ again!

Picture of a bathroom sink in mint green colour

If you’re considering a bold coloured, high gloss kitchen think about:

1. How long do you intend to stay in the property?

If you’re intending to move in the next year or so, high gloss acrylic cabinets could be a winning addition. Kitchens sell houses and a glossy kitchen is bang on trend – red is a sure fire winner!

Once the reserve of custom designed kitchens, high gloss continuous cabinets and work surfaces are now available on the high street, meaning that designer looks can be achieved on a high street budget – the inevitable sign that fashion is about to move on.

2. How often do you update your kitchen?

Kitchen renovations are one of the most expensive home improvement projects, last year the average kitchen home improvement project cost £7,100. It’s easy to be inspired by the glossy mags promoting the latest kitchen trend, but unless you plan on completely renovating your kitchen every 5 years, a handle-less high gloss kitchen may not be the one for you.

These kitchen are not just imposing design statements, they are difficult to update. Traditional wooden cabinets are the ones that seem to be standing the test of time: paint them, strip them, varnish them, change the handles and hey presto, a kitchen that can quickly be bought up to date time after time.

The high gloss units are a ticking time bomb, if you’re going to take the leap do it sooner rather than later, just how much longer can these cabinets be on trend?

3. Now for the practicalities

High gloss and especially handle-less cabinets are debatably pet-friendly, but they are definitely not child-friendly. Little finger print impressions and smears will most certainly detract from the designer look.

You should never use any household cleaner with any abrasive in it to clean the cabinets, makers recommend micro-fibre dusters with beeswax to keep the cabinets glossy. It is notoriously easy to scratch acrylic cabinets using harsh cloths.

Handle-less is far less than practical, a touch open mechanism on a glossy finish = finger prints, every time you open a draw you will be wiping it clean to maintain a show room finish.

If you’re looking to sell up in the near future or are already planning a re-design 5 years down the line, go for it – when else will you be able to decorate your entire kitchen in your favourite colour and it be totally on trend? If the thought of the cost and time scales of a kitchen renovation project are enough for you to only want to do one once every 10 years, consider a timeless classic – French country.

Whatever your budget, time scale or wildest kitchen décor desire, post your job for free. Tradespeople will contact you to quote. Once your tradesperson has completed your kitchen project, rate his/her work to help other homeowners make their kitchen dreams become a reality. 

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