Trust the pros when it comes to major work, says expert

Residential property owners should always consult qualified local tradesmen prior to any major structural works, as going it alone to save money can often prove a false economy, the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) has said.

The organisation’s director, Andrew Leech, said people who carry out big projects such as building extensions or loft conversions on their own risk sacrificing quality and even breaching the Building Regulations.

He added that rectifying problems with DIY home improvements can also end up costing more than hiring a professional builder in the first place.

Mr Leech’s comments follow the publication of a YouGov poll for Lloyds TSB, which found that of the 11 per cent of Britons who carried out major work on their property in the last 12 months, 32 per cent took the DIY approach.

Some 66 per cent of this group admitted that they did not check building guidelines before they started and 81 per cent failed to check that their materials were up to code in areas like energy efficiency.

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