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What happens when you submit a job on

Submitting a job on is as easy as 1-2-3, however, once you’ve filled out the form, what happens next? We know you go to to find quality, local tradesmen, but what happens between the click of a mouse and when the tradesman rings your doorbell?


1. Submitting a job

Whatever your home improvement project is make sure you fill in as much detailed information as possible. This is very important so tradesmen know exactly what kind of lead they’re buying and if they can do the job. Think about: the size of the room/garden/space, if you’re supplying material, the scope of the work, if it’s a repair job or new installation etc.

We know it can be difficult to estimate a budget, but please make sure you don’t underestimate. If the budget is fair, you’re also more likely to receive interest and additionally, tradesmen will give you an accurate estimate when quoting. When you’ve submitted all info you’ll see how many tradesmen there are in your area, and you’ll also be able to upload a photo of your project that can clarify the help you need.

2. Getting quotes

When you’ve filled in the job form, you’ll receive an SMS (or email if you don’t have a mobile) with simple instructions to validate your details. We’ll send a request out via email or sms to tradesmen who are a) are qualified for the job and b) have selected to work in the area you live in. The beauty of the service is that tradesmen can work and grow their reputation locally.

Up to three tradesmen can quote on your job. We keep this number low so you won’t be inundated with calls, and tradesmen won’t have to compete with 20 others. In addition, you know that the tradesmen who get in touch with you are genuinely interested (as opposed to dialling someone random from a directory) as they have spent money to acquire your job.

3.  Picking a tradesman

Since we’re all about putting you in touch with quality, local tradesmen we think it’s important that you can make an informed choice who you hire. Therefore, when you’ve been contacted by three tradesmen (or less) you’ll be able to read their ratings. Only previous customers on can rate a tradesman, which means there’s a closed loop system. Tradesmen can’t rate themselves nor can they get a mate to submit a review.

Read the ratings carefully and pick the tradesman who’s right for you and who you believe can best accommodate your wishes. Tradesmen are able to upload photos of their previous jobs, which might help in making a decision too. Remember that the tradesmen will get in touch with you to quote, so don’t be surprised if you get an unknown number calling you up on a Thursday morning. You’ll receive an SMS whenever a tradesman buys your lead. You might be happy with the first quote you receive, and don’t want another tradesman to contact you. If so, Simply reply ‘STOP’ to that initial SMS and you can take your home improvement project forward.

4. Rating a tradesman

After your job has been completed, it’s important that you contribute to the community and rate your tradesman. This will help others finding a quality tradesman too and of course, it also benefits the tradesman so they can continue to grow their business. 3 weeks after you picked your tradesman we’ll send you an email reminding you to submit a review.

Think about why you were so impressed with your tradesman. Was it their skills, that they stuck to the quote, that they arrived on time or any other details you find worth mentioning. All reviews are published, negative ones too, however we don’t accept offensive language or personal insults, so these comments will be removed. Should you have a negative experience it is important to tell others. Ultimately, we don’t want rogue tradesmen on the site as these have no place in our community, and we take it very seriously should a tradesman disappoint.

So are you ready to find a quality, local tradesman now?

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