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Top 10 scariest home improvement jobs

Back in October we ran a survey to discover which home improvement projects give our homeowners the shivers…

What if the monsters coming out for all-hallows-eve were not the scariest part of Halloween? What if home improvement projects – house extensions – kitchen installations – even garage conversions – were giving us a real case of the heebie-jeebies?

Get ready, take a seat, prepare to be well and truly spooked as Rated People walk you through the top 10 most scary home improvement jobs.

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House extension

Exterior view of a modern house extension shown at nighttime with the lights on inside.

Topping this spooky list is house extensions. According to our research, 58% of homeowners expressed this was by far the most fear-inducing home improvement project to undertake. And, with the lockdowns catalysing a home-improvement boom (roughly 46% of brits renovating their homes during this time) many people concluded that even when happy with the outcome, investing time and money in home improvements, particularly a house extension, is a worrisome affair.

In fact, a recent Rated People survey completed by 2,000 UK homeowners revealed that 44% finished a home improvement project in the last year alone. And 50% admit to completing the work themselves, asking family and friends to pitch in.

Even with the help of professionals, a house renovation may well be the biggest project a homeowner can undertake. The threat of spiralling costs, mess incurred from building works and disruption to daily life are all realistic by-products of a house extension.

However, having this work completed can pay off big time. You can create a more inviting, fresh space to live in for you and your family. Large-scale home renovations are also likely to increase your home’s value by £9,011 – £12,951. So, these are important goals to keep in mind to help get you through the tough times a house extension can bring.

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Loft extension

Before and after image of loft a conversion. One shows the structure being built, and in the second a fresh, light space is revealed.

Second on this spine-tingling list is loft extensions. 50% of homeowners told Rated People that they found loft extensions, much like house extensions, stressful and scary. Like a home extension, but generally on a smaller scale, loft extensions can be huge projects with variable unknowns to consider such as costing accumulations, timescales, and level of disruption to daily life.

On the flip side, professionally designed loft extensions can create a whole new layer to your home, leaving you with extended living space for family and friends. Create an extra bathroom, lounge, guest bedroom or even your own brand-new master bedroom with an en-suite and walk in wardrobes.

How does the saying go? The loft is your oyster?!

Loft extensions can also increase the value of your property for when it’s time to move on in the future.

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Kitchen installation

Autumnal themed kitchen interior. Decorated with red and orange leaves and fairy lights.

Securing the third spot on the list is kitchen installations, with 45% of the vote. Whilst the prospect of having a new kitchen fitted is exciting, it can also cause your stomach to churn when thinking about the timeframe of works (how long you’ll have to make do without your kitchen comforts).

On average it takes one – four weeks to install a kitchen. This is dependent on how much work needs to be done; for instance, if you’re simply replacing your kitchen, keeping the existing layout, works can be completed in a week. On the other hand, if you’re replacing flooring and electrics, it could take a month for a professional kitchen fitter to complete the job.

Planning beforehand and ensuring you choose the right tradesperson for the job will help keep your stress levels low as you set your mind on the fabulous result: a brand-spanking-new kitchen. Your coffee machine can now rest easy in its new space, with, perhaps, some on trend low hanging lights for company.

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Bathroom installation

Before and after comparison of a bathroom installation.

In fourth place is bathroom installation. 40% of homeowners Rated People spoke to expressed that this created stress for them. Not having access to a bathroom is always going to suck, and so it’s understandable that homeowners feel a high level of anxiety surrounding this.

Bathroom installations needn’t be a wholly terrible experience, with the right planning, budgeting and professional installer leading the project, the process can be manageable and run smoothly.

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Now you’ve got an insight into which home improvement projects are topping your ghoulish list this Halloween, here are the rest of the jobs you told us make the hair on your skin stand up:  

RankHome Improvement ProjectPercentage of homeowners who deem the home improvement task extremely daunting and stressful
1.House Extension, e.g. side or back extension58%
2.Loft Extension50%
3.Kitchen Installation45%
4.Bathroom Installation40%
5.Garage Conversion29%
6.Solar Panel Installation29%
7.Fireplace Installation25%
8.Boiler Servicing or Installation22%
9.Garden Design13%
10.Painting and decorating12%

Take the stress out of home improvement projects

Screw driver sitting on kitchen countertop during a renovation.

This research revealed there are many factors contributing to fears surrounding home improvements. In fact, we discovered that a massive 72%, that’s 3 in 4 people, put off home renovations out of fear. These fears included risk of damage caused due to lack of knowledge; lack of skills, as well as the end results not aligning with imagined results.  

Home improvements do not have to be so bad; Rated People are here to help make your home improvement projects as easy as possible, taking the stress out of the entire process.

Whilst there will always be some level of disturbance in any renovation project, planning, setting realistic budgets and finding the right specialist for the job will allow you to trust the process. It will leave you feeling calm and excited to see the positive impact the project will have on you and your home.

For more help planning improvement projects, visit the Rated People Homeowner Advice Centre.  


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