10 spa bathroom design ideas to create an at-home luxury experience

From luxury robes to the right spa lighting, there are plenty of different mini-improvements you can carry out on your bathroom to turn it into a relaxing retreat. Below, we’ve compiled 10 spa bathroom ideas to help you get started. You’ll be in your very own at-home spa before you know it!

Picture of a person in robe in a bathroom with plants and freestanding tub


We often associate spa-experiences with soothing scents like lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus, so why not introduce these stress-relieving essential oils into your bathroom with a diffuser or scented candles?

Rainfall shower

A rainfall shower head is a great spa upgrade for your luxury bathroom. With its gentle rain effect that offers full body coverage, it’s no surprise that they’re found in most spas around the UK!

Speak to a skilled shower installation specialist to request a quote today.


Luxury towels and robes

Nothing shouts “spa” like high-quality, plush towels and robes. They’ll truly make you feel like you’re at a luxury spa, especially if you stack them neatly on shelving that will give your bathroom a touch of elegance.

Picture of a bathroom with lots of plants and white sink

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting goes a long way to helping you create an intimate and soothing oasis. To avoid that ugly bright glare when you’re getting ready in the morning, and to help you unwind in the bath after a long day, we recommend dimmable lights. They’re great at setting the perfect spa-vibe.

Find a local electrician to help you use mood lighting to your advantage.


Plants and greenery

Add a touch of calm and freshness with indoor plants or flowers that will purify the air in your bathroom whilst decorating it beautifully with a natural-décor vibe. We recommended aloe vera, bamboo, spider plants and pothos as great plant choices for a top spa experience.

Natural materials

To really recreate the feeling of a spa, natural materials are the way to go. Decorate countertops, floor tiles and other features with natural stone, wood or bamboo to create warmth and evoke the calming presence of nature.

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Picture of a bathroom with round mirror and hanging bathroom storage

The right music

The right sounds are vital in creating a spa-experience at home, so think about incorporating a sound system (or waterproof speaker) to play natural sounds and soothing background music whilst you relax in the tub or do your skincare routine after a long day.

Bathroom storage

Good storage can easily create the right spa like feel in any bathroom. It removes the clutter from your bathroom, keeping it organised and helping you create a sense of peace and calm. Floating shelves, storage baskets, and cabinets are all great choices for storing toiletries, towels and any spa essentials.

Don’t have a lot of space? A carpenter can help you create the perfect bespoke cabinet for your bathroom.


Picture of a freestanding bathtub in a bathroom

Freestanding bathtub

One of the best ways to create a luxurious bathing experience is with a freestanding bathtub. If you’ve got the space for one, it will easily become the centrepiece of your spa room, turning bath time into something truly indulgent.

Speak to a skilled bathroom fitter today to request a quote for a freestanding bathtub installation.


Towel warmers

In the winter, stepping out of a shower or bathtub can feel daunting. A warm towel to wrap yourself in can make any bathroom feel like a spa, adding that little bit of extra comfort and luxury.

Picture of a luxury spa bathroom set up over ceramic bathtub

A few upgrades here and there can turn a standard bathroom design into a relaxing, at-home spa, perfect for pampering! Want to upgrade your bathroom? Check out our bathroom cost guide, then speak to a skilled tradesperson in your area to get started!


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