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6 cosy reading corner ideas

Whether you’re a lifelong bookworm or an occasional page turner, curling up with a good book is one of life’s little pleasures. And, regular reading offers plenty of benefits: lower levels of stress and depression, improved wellbeing and increased empathy, to name a few.

So if you want to make sure that you always have somewhere to go to escape the real world, why not create your very own reading nook?

1. The window seat

Window with cushions and books on a wide sill

A window-side reading area is perfect for all weather conditions – listen to the pitter patter of the rain as you get lost in your book or bask in warmth as sunlight hits the pages.

2. The hammock chair

Girl reading in a hammock chair suspended from the ceiling

Adding some fun to any room, a hammock chair is one of the most unique reading seats around. Besides offering aesthetic appeal, this style of chair also reduces stress on your spine and joints, making it a great option for anyone with back or neck pain.

3. The hidden alcove

Cosy alcove through an archway in a wall

For a bit of privacy, an alcove is a natural choice for a reading spot. All you need are some pillows, a blanket and a seat cushion to make it super snug.

4. The kids’ teepee

Kids tent made with bedsheets in a cosy living room

If you’re trying to prise your kids away from their devices and into a book, encourage them to get excited by giving them their very own reading spot with a teepee! You could let them decorate it themselves so that they’re even more likely to use it.

5. The loft look

Two reading chairs under an eaves roof

Got a loft or attic that you’re not using to its full potential? Make the most of it by creating a spacious reading haven. To offset the low ceilings, use lower furniture and scaled artwork in the room to create the effect of a higher ceiling.

6. The home library

Reading chair and foot stool in room with many bookshelves

Storage is important when it comes to designing a reading nook. A simple bookshelf is a great decorative backdrop for a comfy armchair and accompanying footstool. You could even get the ultimate multifunctional piece of furniture – an ottoman footstool, offering extra storage, an inviting look and somewhere to prop your feet up.

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