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If you’re fed up with your current setup while working from home, you’re not alone. We spoke to thousands of UK homeowners for The Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report: 2021 and learnt that 41% don’t have a proper office desk, 39% don’t have an office chair and 24% are embarrassed by their background on video calls!

It’s easy to forget simple things that make a huge difference to our working environment, such as enough space and bright light. Poor home office lighting can contribute to sleepiness during the day and low picture quality on video calls. Don’t let a badly designed setup make you miserable – get inspired with our ideas below, instead.

Get a proper desk chair that supports your back and arms

Modern desk with fixed desk chair

The perfect ergonomic chair may sound a bit dull, but if you’re spending any length of time at your computer, you need a chair that will support a proper sitting posture. As well as back and arm support, your thighs should be horizontal on the chair and your feet should be flat on the floor. Your eyes should be in line with the top of your computer screen so you don’t need to strain your neck.

Read more about ergonomic office furniture.

Rethink your lighting and desk position

Home office with skylight and downlight
Wooden desk and furniture

If you’re on video calls often, make sure your colleagues can see you clearly by using good lighting. Try to position your office setup by a window with a neutral backdrop, that way natural light can illuminate your face and there’s nothing distracting behind you. If you need to, you could use a room divider as a backdrop or try a digital backdrop. For dimly lit work areas, invest in a ring light or install wall or ceiling LED lights – they’re all flattering and will make your home working environment a nicer place to be!

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Decorate your desk and the surrounding area with plants, artwork or anything that makes you smile

White desk decorated with surrounding plants, artwork and ornaments
Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

Colour is such a mood booster. Paint your home office in a hue that makes you feel calm and positive, or go for a Scandi neutral vibe that makes you feel fresh and alert. Houseplants may help to reduce stress levels and boost your productivity, plus they look great. Artwork, photos and motivational quotes can inspire creativity and be a positive distraction when you’re thinking over difficult tasks. We also love scented candles and aromatherapy diffusers with fragrances, which are known to make us feel relaxed and motivated.

Take a look at more tips for using colour in your home office.

Try to separate work and play

Closet office (cloffice) built under the stairs

If you’re working in your bedroom or the living room, it can feel like there’s no separation between work and down time. Consider ways to physically separate your work area – you could build a ‘cloffice’ so you can close the door on your closet office at the end of the day, or make use of shelving or a wicker room divider to separate areas in your home. Alternatively, try a ‘commute’ to signal the start and end of the day, such as a simple walk around the block or a visit to your local coffee shop.

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