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Bedroom design ideas for 2021

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary – a place you love returning to every night, to restore and recharge. If yours is in need of some TLC this year, then you’ll love these bedroom design ideas that we’ve pulled from the Rated People 2021 Home Improvement Trends Report.

According to our report, the boho trend will continue this year, with macramé and dried flowers being popular decorative features. Do you prefer a minimalist or modern style? Line art, wall panelling and herringbone flooring will be your go-to choices. And, in keeping with the idea of the bedroom as a sanctuary, we’re also predicting the rise of the ‘cloffice’. Also known as the closet office, a cloffice allows those working from their bedroom to close the doors on work at the end of each day. Read on for more of the best bedroom design ideas for 2021.

Herringbone floor

Large bedroom with herringbone floor

Herringbone parquet flooring is a stylish, statement choice for your bedroom, especially if you’re used to carpeting. Wooden blocks are laid to create geometric patterns, which not only look beautiful, but are hard-wearing and make any bedroom appear bigger and brighter. Herringbone flooring is flexible, too. You can choose the design, tone and material that works best for your style and budget. If you’re unsure about what kind of flooring to choose, check out our advice here.

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Wall panelling

Grey bedroom with wall panelling

If your bedroom walls look worn or the room feels a bit featureless, wall panelling is an easy, yet elegant way to revamp your sleeping space. Wall panelling brings a sense of cosiness to a bedroom, not only stylistically but practically too – by providing insulation and encasing radiators. If you have a small bedroom and you think wall panelling could dominate the look of the room, go for half-height panelling in a Shaker style, or a contemporary feature wall.

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Boho chic

Bedroom with wooden elements and decor

Our bedrooms are a place to relax but also a space to express ourselves. If you’re a bit of a free spirit, and love travel and adventure, then you’ve probably been inspired by the boho chic trend that mixes colours, patterns, textures and furniture styles. This trend has evolved, mixing with other popular aesthetics such as minimalism and English cottage style. Ultimately boho chic is about being creative and having fun with design elements you love. Read more about how to pull off the bohemian vibe.


Small bespoke office

If space is in short supply, but you need to work from home, a cloffice is the perfect solution. The idea is that your workstation – including your desk, computer and office essentials – can be accessed easily, but is hidden from view when your working day is done, fitting neatly within a closet or built-in wardrobe. You could adapt an existing bedroom closet, or create a custom-made workstation that is designed around your specific needs and way of working.

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