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Kitchen Colour Scheme Ideas

It’s hard to overstate the amazing abilities of colour in the kitchen. Certain shades will make you smile or give you an instant mood pick-me-up and even a splash can have an impact that reaches far beyond the area it covers. The affair with chic neutral shades for kitchen cabinetry might still be in full swing but there’s still plenty of room for big, beautiful hues. While accessories are one route, for a real feel-good boost, try it over a large area and watch it bring the whole scheme to life. Here are some ideas…

kitchen colour scheme

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Kitchen colour scheme ideas

Used thoughtfully, your kitchen colour scheme can transform even a simple pale hi-gloss design into something special. Bright worktops look especially effective with crisp white cabinetry and prevent it from becoming stark and clinical. While once the choice of colour would have been limited to the natural tones of granites and stones, quartz and acrylic composites come in a huge array of shades and textures, just right for adding zing. Toughened glass worktops, as shown, are also another option although it’s wise to protect them from scratches by using trivets and work surface protectors. Carry the colour on with other parts of the kitchen, such as bar stools, dining chairs and pendant lights for a cohesive look.

kitchen colors

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Splashbacks are natural places to be a bit bolder, with glass and acrylic panels giving a glossy aspect to even subtle shades. However, in a more traditional design, brick-style tiles bring gorgeous glazed hues that can run just behind a hob or sink or along an entire upstand. Pastels are especially effective if you want to mix and match tones to liven up a Shaker-style kitchen.

kitchen color ideas

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For those who love colour but aren’t sure they want it on display all the time, try using it in an unconventional place – inside your cabinets. Just a hint of orange is on show when the doors are shut in this sleek grey kitchen yet when they’re open, it’s a riot of mouth-watering tangerine. For a similar effect that’s visible all the time, paint the inside of shelves behind glass-panelled doors or, for a quick flash to surprise your guests, line drawers with richly coloured felt.

kitchen color schemes

Image Source: Harvey Jones

While sticking to one accent colour is advisable in a small space, if you’re feeling a bit braver, you can mix it up on simply designed cupboard doors for a real rainbow effect. Far more liveable than having all your doors in a colour, be sure to pick complementary shades or take inspiration from palettes that you know work well together, such as primary combinations. This double galley has a selection of kitchen doors that are painted in a trio of warm accent colours. Not only does it add instant character to the cream furniture, by using slim bow handles, it allows the colour to shine through. The great thing about painted doors is that they can be easily refinished whenever you want to freshen up your scheme – either as a DIY project or some kitchen companies will repaint them for you.

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