Creating fun spaces: playroom ideas and advice

A playroom is the perfect way to create a fun and safe space in your home for children to enjoy. It can also allow you to keep the clutter at bay with a dedicated area for toys and arts and crafts. There are plenty of benefits to investing in a playroom, especially if you want to encourage your children to be creative, but without sacrificing organisation and cleanliness.

No wonder then that playrooms are a top 20 home improvement homeowners want to spend money on this year, according to our 2023 Trends Report! With an average planned spend of £11,667 for a new play space, UK homeowners are really prioritising safe spaces in their homes for their children to grow and play.

Thinking of getting a playroom? Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about playrooms, as well as offering you some top tips and playroom ideas to help you get started.

Picture of a playroom with toys and low bed

Is a playroom a good idea?

Whether or not you should get a playroom depends on a range of things:

  • How much space you have will have a big impact on your decision to get a playroom. If you have a small living space, you might not have the room to accommodate for a play area. Consider converting an unused loft or basement space, or a garden house playroom if you have a big garden!
  • Your children’s age. Very small children and toddlers need to be more carefully supervised, such as in your living room or kitchen. Slightly older kids (who are more independent) might be a better fit for a playroom.
  • Your budget for the project. You can definitely build a playroom on a budget, it just depends on what toys, furniture and storage you want to include. To make the most of your new playroom, make sure you sit down and properly organise your planned spend. This year, homeowners around the UK are setting aside an average of £11,667 for a new playroom!
  • Your family’s lifestyle choices. Do your children play a lot of sport? Are they in a lot of after school clubs or activities? If they do, they may not have as much time to make the most of their new playroom.
Picture of a playroom for children with orange walls and teepee

What should be in a playroom?

A playroom is a great opportunity for you to get creative. You can really add whatever you think will create a safe and fun atmosphere for your children. To help you get started, here are a few must haves for children’s playrooms:

  1. Comfortable flooring. Small children do a lot of crawling, and often play sitting on the floor. They also tumble a lot, which makes comfy flooring an absolute must – especially if you’re planning on playing with them. Getting a nice cushioned carpet for your play space with maximise your kid’s enjoyment of the space. Hire a skilled carpet fitter today to get started.
  2. A reading nook. What better way to encourage your children to read more than by creating a comfortable reading nook for them to enjoy their favourite stories? A few beanbags and a low shelf your kids can reach is a great place to begin.
  3. Table and chairs. This one speaks for itself! Every kid needs a spot to sit and get creative with. You can even get yours custom made to size by a skilled carpenter in your local area.
  4. Teepee or hideaway. Kids love to feel like they have a place they can escape to. It helps their imagination run wild during playtime. Add blankets, pillows and fairy lights to the fort to help create a perfect atmosphere. You can even consider adding a few beds for when your children have sleepovers.
  5. Storage. Your playroom needs to have good storage units to keep all your children’s toys organised and easy to access. Shop around for the perfect shelving, as well as baskets or cube organisers. Once you find the right storage furniture, why not hire a flat pack assembly expert to build it for you?
  6. Art display. Frame your children’s art on the wall, on cork boards, or even on pegs hanging from wall to wall using string. This will help you create a fun, colourful room, whilst also showcasing your little one’s artistic creations!
  7. Music corner. Want to encourage your children to pick up instruments? A music corner might encourage them to get in tune with their musical side!

Ultimately, your children’s playroom should reflect their personalities and preferences, so that you can create a space where they can feel safe and get creative.

Picture of a modern playroom for kids

What is a Montessori playroom?

Lots of people opt for a Montessori playroom, which is based on the Montessori approach to teaching children. Child-led exploration, creativity and learning is at the core of this educational style. Creating a play space with this in mind might look like:

  • Easy to access storage so that children can clean up after themselves and learn to organise their own space
  • Child-sized furniture which promotes independence
  • Minimalistic design with little clutter and limited choice of toys (this promotes concentration)
  • Age appropriate artwork (black and white for very small children, with more advanced images as the child get older)
  • A lot of natural light
  • The natural world, including lots of plants
  • Toys that are carefully selected to engage the child (so not just for entertainment purposes), including puzzles and building blocks

These are just a few of the features of a Montessori playroom. At the heart of this playroom design is an attempt to help your children concentrate and learn, whilst fostering independence and confidence during play.

Picture of a playroom for kids with colourful carpet

How do you set up a toddler playroom?

If your child is still very young, you need to take extra precautions to ensure your play space is safe for them.

Soft play areas are a good idea, as they’ll allow your toddler to run, jump, tumble and climb safely. Soft climbing structures and foam matts are a great place to start.

To ensure your toddler stays safe, you might want to think about getting a play yard – an enclosed space for your toddler to play in. These are great at helping your toddler feel ownership over their own little space.

Opt for bright colours and bright wallpaper, as toddlers love colourful spaces, and always pick child-friendly and child-sized furniture. A wide variety of toys will also ensure your toddler is fully engaged and exploring. You can really get creative here – such as chalkboard paint that turns your playroom’s walls into a giant canvas. Great storage is also key – toddlers love to make a mess!

Want child-safe, bespoke furniture for your toddler’s playroom? Speak to a furniture specialist today to get started.


Picture of a playroom for children

How do you decorate a playroom on a budget?

You can definitely create an amazing playroom for your children without having to go overboard with your budget. To do this, follow the below tips on creating a budget-friendly child play area in your home.

  1. Shop second hand. You can buy affordable furniture and toys at a fraction of their price, and often in great condition, when you show second hand.
  2. DIY. Why not try your hand at decorating your playroom yourself? There are plenty of online tutorials to help you out, and this will definitely be cheaper than buying décor online. Handy with tools? Why not make your own shelving?
  3. Repurpose. Look around your home for items that you could repurpose for your playroom, such as an old bookshelf you could paint and use as toy storage! Just make sure it’s child-friendly…so no repurposing furniture with sharp edges.
  4. Focus on storage. If you’re not sure where to allocate your budget, the answer is definitely storage. Your playrooms design should be centred around how it can store all of your children’s toys, so your storage needs to be practical and durable. Why not hit two birds with one stone by getting seating storage that can double up as a comfy chair and also a container for books and toys?
  5. Comfortable floors. If your floors are comfy to play on, you won’t need to invest as much money on furniture! Speak to a carpet fitter today to get a carpet installed in your playroom. Or, if you want to be extra thrifty, why not buy a second hand carpet instead?
Picture of a playroom with star wallpaper

As long as your playroom is safe and equipped to store all your children’s toys, then you can’t go wrong! Your playroom ideas should focus on creating a fun environment for your children, one that’s tailored to their preferences and needs.

If you need the help of an expert tradesperson in your local area, post a job today to get started.


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