Designing the perfect cinema room

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A home cinema room is a dedicated space in your home designed to look like a movie theatre. With ambiance lighting, a large screen or projector, and a good sound system, you can recreate the effects of a cinema. Thinking of creating the perfect spot in your home to watch films and TV shows?

Any unused space in your home could make for a great home cinema system. Read on to find out how you can build your own.

What do you need for a home cinema?

To create the perfect cinematic experience, you’ll want to ensure your home cinema includes:

  1. A large screen. You can choose between a TV and a projector, but whatever you go with should be the centrepiece of your very own movie theatre.
  2. A sound system. This is another essential for a home cinema, as surrounding sound will help you create an immersive experience. A centre soundbar stereo or subwoofer with a left and right panel on either side of your screen will ensure sound reaches every corner of the room. You can also opt for wireless systems or amplifiers, amongst a range of other sound systems. Need help with your home cinema installation? A local electrician can install your new sound system for you.
  3. Comfy seating. You can’t have a movie room without investing in great seating options. You could even opt for cinema-style rows of chairs to create a really authentic set-up! For help moving large sofas and furniture, why not hire a local handyperson? 
  4. A streaming service or media player. You can’t have a movie theatre without the movies! There are plenty of streaming services out there, but if you’re old school, then you’ll want some kind of DVD holder or shelf to showcase your film collection as well as a DVD player set up on your TV.
  5. The right lighting. From dimmer switches to LED coloured lighting, there are plenty of options for you to choose from to create the perfect atmosphere for your movie marathons! Automated lighting can even allow you to enjoy a lighting system that adjusts based on movie scenes. Simply speak to a local electrician to get started.
  6. Have you thought about sound proofing? The perfect cinema experience requires noise. But nobody wants noise complaints and angry neighbours! Speak to a sound proofing specialist to request a quote.
  7. Movie theatre décor. Once you’ve got the essentials you’ll want to consider how you want to decorate your new home cinema. You could hang movie posters, or get a popcorn machine…these are the elements that will really help you create the best cinema experience, right from the comfort of your own home.
Picture of a projector with a hand grabbing popcorn from a bowl on a table

How do you build a home cinema room?

The below questions might help you plan ahead and help you create the perfect home cinema.

Where do you want your home cinema to be?

Cinema rooms can work in both big and small spaces, though you might want to think about how good the sound quality will be if your room is very small. The room you choose should ideally have no windows, to minimise the amount of outdoor light coming in. It should also be relatively isolated from the rest of the house, especially if you have a big family or a lot of roommates. This will ensure a dark, peaceful atmosphere for you to get fully immersed in.

Can you DIY your sound system, or do you need some help?

You will need to install wires and cables in order to set up your sound system and projector. In some cases, this may involve running cables through walls, ceilings, or floors. More advanced, complex soundbar systems will need the handiwork of a skilled electrician, but in other cases, you may be able to set it up yourself.

The same goes for new lighting (such as dimmer switches). Speak to a skilled electrician today to request a quote.

Do you want to buy new furniture for your cinema room?

At the very least, a cinema room needs a large TV or projector and comfortable seating. Whether you’re moving these from another room or buying them brand new, you’ll need them moved into your cinema room. A local handyperson can help!

Think about…

  1. Comfortable seating, such as armchairs, sofas, and bean bags
  2. A low coffee table for snacks and drinks
  3. Storage for films, video games, consoles and controllers, and snacks
  4. Blankets and pillows to help you get cosy
  5. A new carpet or rug that compliments the décor of your cinema room
  6. Acoustic panels or curtains to help improve sound quality
Picture of a home cinema room with people sitting on a couch watching

How do you decorate a home cinema?

As well as movie posters and popcorn machines, there are loads of other little details you could include in your cinema room’s design.

For instance, you could add other movie snack makers to go with your popcorn machine. Candy dispensers add a cute, retro look, as do candy floss machines. A mini-fridge could save you trips to the kitchen in the middle of a film. And baskets or bowls could allow you to store easy-to-grab snacks.

Are you a gamer? Your cinema room can also double up as the perfect gaming room – just add your consoles to your new set-up to enjoy endless hours of fun. To make things even cosier, throw a few blankets and pillows on your couches and chairs and add some fairy lights for a magical look.

Lastly, if you’re really into a certain franchise, why not add themed décor? Posters, collectibles, and movie props can create a great cinema atmosphere for you to enjoy fan favourites in.

Does a cinema room add value?

A cinema room can absolutely add value to your home, though how much it does will depend on a few factors. A well-designed, high-quality movie room can make your home seem more luxurious, attracting potential buyers who want a home with a premium entertainment feature. Smaller, budget cinema rooms are less likely to raise the value of your home by very much. Where you live and current market conditions can also have an impact.

If you’re hoping to raise the value of your home, consider costs and potential return on investment before you commit to a cinema room.

Picture of an at home movie theatre

How much does a home cinema cost?

How much your home cinema will cost you depends on a range of factors, including the size of your room, the quality and quantity of furniture you want to buy, whether you want to invest in soundproofing or not, and the complexity of your sound and TV system.

Your spending will be broken down into four main factors:

  1. Soundproofing, electrical work and any other structural changes you’ll need to make to prepare your room
  2. The cost of your audio (soundbars and subwoofers), as well as your video equipment, which can vary from several hundred to a few thousand pounds, depending on your choice of brand
  3. Cost of new furniture for your cinema room
  4. Cost of décor and finishing touches

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from £8,000 to upwards of £20,000, depending on your budget for the project. With minimal furniture and second-hand or cheaper equipment, a cinema room could end up costing you only a few thousand pounds – it all depends on what you’re looking for. 

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