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Window design ideas and inspiration

Thinking of renovating your place or giving it a new look? Window design is an important finishing element of any home. Whether you are choosing wooden Victorian windows or a minimalist modern look, there are a variety of window designs to consider when deciding which style would be the perfect accent to your home.

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We’ve prepared a list of 7 top trending window design ideas below:

1. Slider windows

Slider window in house, looking out onto sunlit trees.

Are you looking for windows that will let natural light pour in? Slider windows open horizontally or vertically to create space in a room and allow fresh air to flow through. Slider windows are durable, cost-effective and low maintenance. They are the perfect addition to compact spaces.

2. Casement windows

White casement window perched on the side of a house's roof.

Searching for a window to suit a modern home? Casement windows add natural ventilation to a room whilst also being aesthetically pleasing. There is plenty of variety to choose from because casement windows are customisable to suit your home with the addition of incorporating double-pane fibreglass framed for UV protection. 

3. Picture windows

Large picture window, set back behind a couch in a modern home. Window shows wide view of forest trees.

Let stunning views of the outside into your home with windows that visually frame the outdoors. Adding a single pane of glass creates an unobstructed view of a picturesque forest or city skyline, should you have such a thing outside your window.

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4. Bay windows

Large bay widow on the front of a red-bricked house.

Make a small room feel larger with bay windows that enhance the view and create space in your home. With the right planning and installation, a bay window can add a lot of value to your property.

5. Skylights

Skylight windows letting light into a white-painted, fresh modern bathroom.

Adding a skylight into the ceiling of your home will not only bring the outdoors in, but it will also ensure privacy in rooms such as your bathroom or bedroom. You won’t need to compromise on storage space and can still achieve natural light.

6. Window walls

Tall and broad window walls, surrounding the living area of a flat in a high-rise building.

With the help of floor-to-ceiling windows, your home will automatically become an extension of the outdoors. Achieve a dramatic impact by amplifying the views of your landscape and maximising the light in your home.

7. Stained-glass windows

Colourful stained-glass windows with a blue and red rose design on the door and adjoining window of a house.

Add depth and character to your home with intricate and colourful stained-glass windows. You can easily create a feature window in your home without giving up on privacy and style.

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