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It’s easy to stay safe with your design choices, but would you prefer something a bit more exciting? If you’re feeling uninspired by your home but you’re not sure how to switch it up, read about these alternative and unusual home aesthetics that are on trend this year.

If you love monochrome, you may be drawn to the contemporary dark home aesthetic. Are you an artist or freelance creative? The dreamy work from home look could be for you. Fans of clean lines and simplicity will enjoy new takes on minimalistic interiors. On the other hand, you might prefer a more utilitarian style, characterised by the industrial home aesthetic.

Dark home aesthetic

Kitchen with dark blue walls and cabinets

Satisfy your inner goth with an interior made up of blacks or midnight blues. Using dark decor makes a statement, and also adds drama to your home. There’s something rebellious about dark hues – traditionally, interior designers avoided them as they sometimes make rooms feel smaller and dimmer.

However, in recent years, darker colours have given interiors a more luxurious feel – cabinets, paint, kitchen and bathroom fittings are all available with matte and gloss finishes. Dark walls are now classy, especially in a monochrome colour scheme or when paired with natural materials and textures, including wood, marble, brick or slate.

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Working from home aesthetic

Unusual home: Bedroom with wooden decor and flooring

The new WFH aesthetic has a soothing, romantic quality to it. It takes inspiration from English cottage design elements and objects, including vintage books, home libraries, typewriters and window seats. Instagrammable nooks and cosy reading or working areas, where someone can hide away with a notebook or laptop, are key. A hidden alcove or window seats with throws and cushions would fit this interior aesthetic well.

The emphasis is on cosiness and comfort – lots of soft textiles, throws, floor cushions and rugs. Pleasing organic modern shapes also dominate this look, including curvaceous mirrors and sculptural candles. The colour palette and materials are bright, soft and modern, featuring neutral hues, wooden furniture and herringbone parquet flooring.

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2021 minimalism

Rattan outdoor furniture set on wooden patio

Minimalist interiors have been our go-to aesthetic for a long time, but now minimalism itself is evolving to embrace other interior design aesthetics such as boho, cottage core and organic modern design.

Today, the minimal interior isn’t sterile; it’s softer. There’s less emphasis on sharp edges, very clean lines and man-made materials. Instead – possibly inspired by the pandemic – there’s a trend for natural materials, shapes and colours that connect our homes with the world outside.

This new minimalism also applies to garden design, to create an uncluttered, but softer, elegant appearance. Soothing neutrals, lush greenery and lawns can all create a sanctuary in your outdoor space.

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Industrial home aesthetic

Unusual home: Bedroom with exposed brick wall

You don’t have to live in a New York City loft to get the industrial home aesthetic. This interior look is characterised by utilitarian features from old factories and work spaces that can be applied to your own home. Exposed brick, concrete, pipes and neutral tones are common features.

Industrial design is robust and hard wearing – metal furniture, reclaimed wood and stone are all practical for a family home. To avoid feeling too cold and uncomfortable, the industrial home aesthetic has evolved to embrace softer, more luxurious elements. Consider adding richer textures including soft furnishings, but also warmer lighting and brighter wall colours for a more homely feel.

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