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Reinventing your home: Loft conversions

To add extra living space without building out into your garden, and increase your property’s value by £37,000 on average (according to Nationwide) at the same time, consider converting your loft. Most houses don’t require planning permission for a loft conversion (but you must check with your local authority), which cuts down the time it takes to build one.

Loft conversion ideas

A spacious spare bedroom loft conversion

Loft-to-bedroom conversions are one of the most popular loft conversion choices for growing families or people looking to rent out a room for extra income, because you get a spacious extra bedroom without the need for an extension.

To stop the natural light from shining through the windows or skylight and waking you up too early in the morning, there are plenty of blackout blinds to choose from. In a rooflight loft conversion, skylight blinds will sit flush into the existing roof space.

Check out our spare room decorating ideas for a step by step guide to making a spare room look just as good as the rest of your house does.

A light-filled living space

Bright living space loft conversion with a hanging chair and sofa

An extra living room in the loft is great for homeowners looking to rent out a bedroom, as the lodger will have their own private living room, which is a rare find!

Try a design that allows lots of natural light to come through the windows, to cut down on artificial lighting. Loft conversions have roof insulation too, to stop heat from escaping. With TVs, gaming consoles and lamps among the many energy-guzzling appliances found in living rooms, the energy savings from heating and lighting will cut your energy bill significantly. For more living room lighting ideas, visit our Inspiration Centre.

A handy home office loft conversion

White office space with two desks and pops of the colour red from the desk chair, filing cabinets and hole punch

Loft offices are one of the easiest loft conversion plans as it’s a cost-efficient transformation and can be built in the smallest of lofts. Plus, a carpenter can build custom-made cupboards or shelves to fit perfectly in the nooks and crannies of the space. Make your office space stylish, yet practical with beautiful office furniture that’s not just for the office.

A well-organised walk in wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobe loft conversion with built-in storage and a mirrored wardrobe

The walk-in wardrobe is a great solution to release some of the pressure on a small wardrobe or other storage options that you currently have in your bedroom. If your loft is small or narrow, then the large mirrors which are part and parcel of the best walk-in wardrobes will also make your space look bigger. Discover how to make your walk-in wardrobe look a million dollars without the large price tag by checking out our celeb-style walk-in wardrobe ideas.

A blissful bathroom loft conversion

Spacious white bathroom with wooden loft ceiling

By converting your loft into a bathroom, you can create a spacious en-suite, guest bathroom or spa room of your dreams. If your existing bathroom is small, or shared by multiple people, having an extra bathroom in your home will make getting ready in the morning much more enjoyable, and relaxing too.

Add large windows into your loft bathroom to have a beautiful whilst you soak the stress of the day away in the bath. In fact, take this opportunity to add other unusual bathroom design features into your new space.

A cool kids’ bedroom

Pink kids' loft bedroom with a green feature wall that has multicoloured butterflies on it

By creating a kids’ bedroom, playroom or TV room in your loft, you’ll have the freedom to design the room as creatively as you like, without disrupting the décor style of the rest of the house. If your children are older, then a loft bedroom conversion is a great way to give them some room to themselves. You could even have the loft soundproofed so that their activities don’t disturb the rest of the family.

An eye-catching feature wall is a great way to give your child’s room some character, and inspire their artistic nature through bright colours and patterns. A painter/decorator can design and create the perfect mural to fit your child’s personality. Check out some feature wall ideas and inspiration.

A happy hobby room loft conversion

Man painting a dark green pond with lily pads on a canvas

Having a dedicated space to indulge in your hobby in, complete with bespoke storage for your equipment, is a great solution to keep the rest of the house tidy. Plus, if you decide to turn your hobby into a side hustle, then it’s quiet and spacious to work in. Check out expert tips on getting serious about storage from Phil Spencer, presenter of the property TV programme Location, Location, Location.

Loft conversion stairs ideas

The staircase is one of the most important features of a loft conversion. You’ll need a permanent staircase, rather than a ladder or retractable staircase, so that you can escape easily in case of a fire.

 A loft conversion specialist will evaluate your loft space to find the best type of staircase for you, as well as identify any potential design or structural problems before the installation stage – saving you from a very expensive mistake.

Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase doesn’t normally require a new landing to be built, so there’s less impact on the floor below the loft. Spiral staircases are usually made from rust-resistant, durable metals such as aluminium or steel.

Staircase with metal steps spiralling upwards

Paddle or space saver staircase

Also known as space saving stairs, paddle staircases are made using alternating paddle treads. This unique design feature cuts the size of a paddle staircase roughly in half when compared to a normal staircase. So, you’ll get the same number of treads in a smaller amount of space.

White paddle staircase leading upstairs

Stairs over landing

Building your loft staircase as an extension to your existing staircase is one of the simplest and most efficient places for it to go. This is because it’s built directly above the existing staircase.

Carpeted stairs over landing

Storage stairs

Shoes being thrown in the hallway is a pet peeve for many of us! By choosing storage stairs for your loft, you’ll have an easily accessible shoe storage option that’s also discreet.

Wooden staircase with built-in drawer containing shoes pulled out

Considering a loft conversion? Look at the different types available, the steps involved and the overall cost in our loft conversion cost guide.

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