HBF: Govt should back housebuilding

The government should be looking to help the housing sector, one expert has claimed.

Steve Turner, head of communications at the Home Builders Federation (HBF), made the assertion and the introduction of policies to kick-start the sector could benefit builders in Manchester.

Mr Turner observed it is important the industry “finds a way of increasing the supply” of houses in the UK.

“If we can implement a new, robust planning system, then you can see how the number of new homes being built could be increased,” he added.

The specialist observed it is important those in power are bullish in their approach to the current situation.

Mr Turner remarked an extra 150,000 dwellings would also means hundreds of thousands of jobs as well.

He was speaking after the Federation of Master Builders revealed there have been 15 consecutive quarters of decrease in construction workloads, dating from the first three-month period of 2008

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