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How to decorate using stripes

Picture of a living room with striped walls in beige and white

Decorating with stripes continues to be popular across the country. It’s a look that’s simple to achieve and seemingly undateable. But do you know how to decorate with stripes?

How to decorate with stripes

Up or down? It’s a classic dilemma when it comes to striped decor. In actual fact, there is no simple answer. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve and the size and layout of your room.

Vertical stripes work well on walls with low ceilings as they combine to lengthen the space. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for thick or thin stripes, both will elongate your room. If you’re blessed with a wide room but wish to make it appear narrower, vertical stripes in cool, earthy shades of blue and green will do the trick. You should paint the base colour darker than the stripe itself and opt for a wider design.

Picture of long thing green stripes on a featured wall with a desk

Horizontal stripes, meanwhile, have a completely different appeal. They work to widen rooms, rather than make them taller. Picking a feature wall (or two!) will build depth and texture in the space. If a wall doesn’t appeal, why not stick to a patterned ceiling? No matter what colour you opt for, it will give a fresh twist to a long-lived trend.

In my experience, many DIY disasters could have been avoided with careful planning beforehand. You will need to be completely confident in your design and in the effect that it will deliver. My advice? Steer clear of combining vertical and horizontal stripes on a single wall or area in your home. It looks too chaotic – far from ideal in a space meant for relaxing! Not only that, the widening and lengthening effects will cancel each other out, leaving you with none of the attributes that you desire.

Picture of a mixed striped pattern in black and white with girl seated

Scared for a decor shakeup? Investing in a striped pillow, rug or small ornaments, will give a more subtle nod to the trend. If you’re teetering on the brink of painting a wall or two, purchasing a rug would be the perfect try-out technique. If it’s not to your taste, simply remove it and do one of the following: 1) trade it with a friend for an unwanted item of theirs that appeals 2) sell it, or of course… 3) hide it away in a cupboard!

Picture of a living room with grey and wooden furniture and striped carpet

If you’re hooked on the trend but aren’t so confident in your ability to paint picture perfect lines (even with the help of tape), why not hire a painter and decorator to take the hassle out of the job.

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