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Choosing a Kitchen Splashback

There’s perhaps no surface in kitchen design where its role has changed so much as the kitchen splashback. Once firmly a practical protector, safe-guarding the walls against everything family life had to throw at it, it’s taken on many other functions, from being a way to introduce colour or texture into your design, to playing host to shelving or helping a scheme to feel more spacious. Finding the right balance between these different needs can be tricky – materials that are beautiful aren’t always easy to keep spotless while traditional solutions may lack the wow factor on your wishlist. Not sure where to start? Here are some smart ideas to inspire you.

Go for glossy good looks

The glass kitchen splashback has become as much of a kitchen staple as ceramic tiles thanks to its robust, easy to clean qualities. However, while a seamless expanse of plain back-painted glass can be an easy way to inject colour, there’s more than just one way to use this versatile material. Block or mosaic glass tiles look equally as striking and allow you to create unique patterns, or you could opt for a fused glass splashback that features different colours and shapes as well as beautiful texture and pattern. Choose an expanse of low iron toughened clear glass or acrylic and you can be even more creative – use it to protect a kitchen splashback made from your favourite feature wallpaper or a painted pattern. This tile-effect design has been painted in Rum & Raisin, Sophistication, Millionaire and Soft Steel by Crown. kitchen splashbacks

Image source: Crown

Take time to reflect

Like glass, mirrored kitchen splashbacks have also been making their way into the latest kitchen designs. It’s not hard to see why. Mirrored panels not only bounce light around the room to make it feel brighter but also ensure a kitchen feels more spacious – great if you have a compact room or it’s north-facing. If the usual silver tones are too harsh, add warmth with a smoked, bronze or antiqued mirror or break up the expanse with handy shelving. Metal, such as professional-style stainless steel, will also do the same job if you need something a little lower maintenance, while copper panels are also growing in popularity but need a little more care to stay gleaming. kitchen splashback ideas

Image source: Harvey Jones

Mix and match

While there are lots of other materials to choose from, tiles remain a practical choice but there’s no need to go for a whole area of neutral colours or minimal patterns. Combining different motifs in the same colour or different shades of the same design is an easy way to get an eclectic feel that’s perfect for a country kitchen with a modern twist. Geometric, Moroccan-inspired or period designs work especially well. splashbacks for kitchens

Image source: Simply Tiles

Create a centrepiece

While granite remains a favourite choice, thanks to the latest sealants, even porous stone, such as marble, can now be used for worktops and kitchen splashbacks. Not only does it usually feature natural veining and colour variations, it’s available in more than just typical crisp white tones. Used behind a range cooker or hob, slabs of grey and black marble make just as much of a style statement, combining easily with charcoal or chalky white furniture. splashback ideas

Image source:1909 Kitchens

Finally, don’t forget to ask to borrow large samples of any material to see how they look in your kitchen. They’ll look different at home when they’re not under the lights of a showroom.

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  1. Ahhh nice read! (sorry a bit slow to the party – I just came across this) I wish I would have known this before buying my splashback. I recently purchased one from Ashley Phillips the designer ( and he did a wonderful job creating my “Avengers” piece. We went for glass, not mirrors or tiles!

  2. Great article! Gives me the confidence to use splash backs and create my own ideas too. Has the author any thoughts on what role Laminate splash backs can play and how they stand up to heat, moisture & grease?

  3. Out of all the splashbacks, I’m most interested in glass. I think that tiles are pretty, but a seamless design would be much easier to clean. I’ve seen glass splashbacks in a lot of different designs as well. They don’t always have to be one solid color.

  4. I love how much personality and character a splashback can add to a kitchen. I’m right there with you, the granite is my favorite! I love the black, with the splash of white. It adds some amazing flare to the kitchen, and like you said, it makes a great focal point.

  5. My wife and I have been thinking about remodeling our kitchen for a while now, but we weren’t sure how to choose the right splashback. It’s interesting that you say to combine different colors and designs in the area to make it feel eclectic. Since my wife wants something that’s unique, this might be perfect for her.

  6. I like that you talked about choosing different neutral colors to make the room look more interesting. I have been looking for a new splashback to install while I remodel my kitchen. I can see how it would be smart to choose a different color of gray because it would look nice compared to the black colors I have in my home.

  7. I liked that you mentioned a few different materials that can add a fun element to the kitchen. My friend has been talking about getting stainless steel for her splashback, but still loves the look of natural stone. I think that I’ll have to go over to her space and see what she has in mind, but I personally would go for stone first.

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