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Kitchen storage and design ideas

If your kitchen is at bursting point, then it may be time to rethink your storage and design – especially if it’s a multifunctional room used by all the members of the household for washing, working and eating.

To maximise space in your kitchen, you could update cabinets and shelving. Add clever storage solutions to keep dried food, kitchen utensils and more in, too.

Think minimalist

First things first – it’s time to have a sort out of all the equipment, utensils and dried food you own. Do you really need four pans of the same size, and can you recycle old gadgets that don’t work properly? How long has that Five Spice sat at the back of in the cupboard? A quick declutter of the kitchen will free up storage space in minutes.

Boiling water tap filling tea mug

If work surface space is in short supply, then there are things you can do to make more room. Install a boiling water tap next to your main tap over the sink to free up space where a chunky kettle may sit.

How often do you use your microwave? If the answer is not very often, then consider selling it to make way for additional prep space. A pull-out surface section is also a clever idea for smaller kitchens that can’t fit a kitchen island. Plus, it can double up as an extra storage cabinet. If you still need extra prep space, then you can build a removable stove cover to chop your food on. It’s easy to remove when you need to start cooking, too.

Magnetic knife rack on wall

It’s easy to get creative, even in small spaces. Magnetic knife racks can be hung vertically or horizontally. If you already have deep drawers for plates and bowls, make use of the dead space and install a second ‘hidden’ drawer within the drawer – for storing spices or cutlery. Read our kitchen storage saviours post for more, such space-saving bins and shelves you can hang inside kitchen units.

Neat modernistic kitchen

Are you rethinking your whole kitchen and living space? There’s a new type of contemporary kitchen design for the minimalist lover – the invisible kitchen. Sliding cabinet fronts hide not only pots and pans, but sinks and ovens too! They keep the whole kitchen hidden from view (great when you’ve made a mess or if you live in a studio!), so a sleek and modern feel will be maintained in any open-plan home.

Alternative storage solutions

Modern white kitchen and pantry

Foodies may like this alternative kitchen storage and design idea – build a larder or pantry to store your groceries.  Traditionally they are cool and dark food storage spaces that you can walk into and are ideally located in or near your kitchen. If you’ve been dreaming of a larder, read our blog post How to: create an award-winning larder to rival a chef’s. A good carpenter or joiner will be happy to locate the best spot for one and help you with the design and layout.

Rustic kitchen with blackboard shopping list

If you’re a fan of the country or rustic look – invest in or collect quirky
containers for kitchen storage. Reusing jam jars, food tins and ceramic desert pots are not only cheaper and better for the planet, but they look great too!

If you’d like to start planning a kitchen refurb, you can find a kitchen specialist on Rated People.

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