How to hide unaesthetic parts of your home

Homes have so many functions: entertainment, relaxing, dining, working out, and more recently, working. We invest so much time and effort in decorating our houses and making them as personal as possible, that when certain unsightly parts such as boilers or pipes are visible, it feels like they ruin the whole room. How can we mask them so that when we’re entertaining friends and family, these unaesthetic but essential parts of the house don’t ruin the overall decor?

Rather than having the functional parts of your home in plain view, many homeowners opt to hide or mask their unappealing appliances to blend in with their interior design and personal style.

The good news is, there are many ways to hide an appliance or cables on the wall, by drawing less attention to them through smart and effective design hacks. Whether it’s creating a built-in feature or using paint, check out our top 4 ideas on how to make those units fit in with the rest of the room.

Kitchen boiler

Is your boiler upsetting the design of your kitchen? Look no further as we have the top ideas on how to disguise it to suit the décor of your home.

Tradesperson working to fix a boiler in the kitchen.

Fitting a boiler into a kitchen cupboard is a popular and practical way to keep the boiler hidden and blended into the layout and design of your kitchen. But if it’s not possible to add an additional cupboard to your kitchen, transforming your boiler into a chalkboard by adding a plain wooden surface over the top and painting it in blackboard paint, is a fun and simple way to redecorate the area.

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Pipes on the wall

Achieve your home transformation by covering up those unpleasant pipes on the wall. You can opt to paint over the pipes with the same colour as your walls or cover with freestanding furniture.

Free standing cabinet blending into home decor.

If you have multiple visible pipes along a wall, you can fit wooden or decorative plastic covers that will make them disappear.

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AC units

Yellow flowers hiding an outdoor air conditioning unit.

A popular way most homeowners hide their air conditioner units is to enclose the unit behind a screen, fence, or latticework. Disguising an AC unit with these will allow ventilation whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. Simply by incorporating plants or flowers around the area will also immediately upgrade the look of an AC unit.


TV system set up with speakers and decorative ornaments disguising cables.

Hiding unsightly cables can be achieved by adding decorative boxes or baskets to place the cables in. Mask those unwanted cables by concealing them with cable covers or using home accessories to draw less attention.

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