How to improve your home on a budget

Transforming your home this year doesn’t have to be costly. Want to update your bathroom on a budget? Looking to renovate a fixer-upper property? Read our affordable home improvement ideas below and get inspired to make some stylish updates or fix your home on a budget.

Shop second hand or vintage furniture

Budget bedroom furniture: Bedroom with vintage storage unit
Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

Gumtree, eBay and vintage sellers on social media are great places to buy second hand or vintage furniture on a budget. If there’s a brand or particular style you want, set up email alerts so you don’t have to keep checking the listings. Freecycle or local community pages are great for sourcing free items locally, too.

Try rental services

Family labelling moving boxes
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

These days, you can rent anything – from dining tables, to sofas, lights and desks. If you’ve recently bought a home or signed for a new rental property, and your existing furniture doesn’t fit or you’re waiting for new furniture to arrive, why not try renting some instead? Fat Llama, John Lewis and Harth all offer furniture rental. Rental services are also great if you want to try out new furniture trends without the commitment or hefty price tag.

Revamp your home with paint

Repainting your walls, cabinets and furniture will instantly brighten and smarten up your home, without you having to spend a fortune. Take this opportunity to experiment, by using bolder colours in smaller spaces such as your bathroom or toilet. If you’re repainting furniture, cabinets or shelving, it’s a good idea to update any knobs, handles or brackets too, for a finished look.

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Switch your curtains or blinds, or install shutters

Budget lighting: Modern open plan kitchen in apartment with lots of natural light
Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Curtains and blinds often get forgotten about, but updating them is a brilliant and affordable way to redecorate. Large, heavy curtains can often dominate a room and make it feel small. Roman blinds or wooden shutters could be more practical – they can flood a room with light and block it out completely – while also looking stylish and elegant. Alternatively, opt for a cosy feel with new, statement curtains. 

Give your bathroom a makeover

Budget bathroom improvements: Shower cubicle with hanging plants
Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Refresh your bathroom with a few simple, inexpensive changes: try a new wall colour or tiles; replace your shower curtain; repaint cabinets or install a larger mirror to create the illusion of more space.

You could also update your bathroom with plants and space-saving storage accessories (think bamboo bath caddies, racks or towel stands) to create an organised and clutter-free atmosphere. Find more budget bathroom ideas on our Homeowner Advice Centre.

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Reupholster your sofa

Grey fabric sofa with blue cushions
Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

If you like your sofa, but the fabric is looking faded, try reupholstering it instead of buying a new one. It’s not only the more sustainable option, but you’ll also have the choice of the exact colour and fabric you want. Going for this option can even improve your sofa’s resale value, if it’s an antique.

Looking for an even easier solution? Buy a large throw and cushions to restyle your sofa in seconds.

Hide clutter and make use of dead space with customised storage units

Budget storage: Nursery room with rattan storage unit
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova from Pexels

Customised storage units and shelving can have some brilliant benefits. They can make use of dead space in your home (such as under the stairs) and look smarter and sleeker than bulkier, pre-made shop options. Plus, you can choose the dimensions so your possessions fit perfectly. Bespoke storage doesn’t need to be pricey either – when you post a job on Rated People you can get up to three competitive quotes from local tradespeople.

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