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How to take great photos of your work

Word-of-mouth plays a big part in attracting new customers for most tradespeople. But, with people spending more time on the internet during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, an increasing number of homeowners are heading online to find a tradesperson. This means that having a strong online presence on Google, social media and trade websites like Rated People, is a necessity for reaching them. Photos of your previous work are one of the most important things that homeowners want to see when they’re looking at your online profiles.

Share photos of your work with us and we’ll post them on our social media profiles to help you get your name out there! Simply tag us @RatedPeople or email them to us: [email protected].

Find out how taking photos of your work can help you win more work, as well as our top tips on how to take good ones, below.

The benefits of taking good photos of your work

Person taking a photo of kitchen on smartphone

1. Earn up to £7k more by showcasing your skillset

55% of millennials (aged 23-38 at the time of writing) only look at social media posts and online reviews to find someone to do work in their home. So, good photos of the different work you’ve done shows them that you’re skilled and are likely to be able to do what they’re looking for.

By winning millennial customers, you could add £7,685 to your pay packet, according to Plusnet.

2. Become a source of home inspiration

Photos help potential customers visualise what similar work could look like when it’s done in their home. If your work appeals to them, they’ll be more likely to remember your name or to save, bookmark or screenshot your profile. This means you’ll be front of mind when they need work doing.

3. Stand out from the competition

Before and after photo of painted room

40% of customers say that seeing practical examples of work is one of the most important factors that help them decide on which tradesperson to hire, according to AXA. So, having a good photo portfolio is essential for making you stand out from the competition.

4. Remind people that you’re available in their area

Lots of people are trying to support local businesses during the difficult time caused by the coronavirus pandemic. With lockdown easing, many of them will want to boost their local economy and keep their community alive. They’ll do this by continuing to support small businesses like yours. When you take photos of your work and share the broad location of where it took place (not the exact address, but the city or neighbourhood), homeowners will know that you’re available to work in their area.

5. Build trust

Your photos are proof of your work. So, they reassure potential customers that you’re actually operating and have recently completed work. That way, they can be sure you’re a real business and aren’t a rogue trader.

When you share work that’s of a high quality, or considered difficult to complete, then you’ll be seen as a company that knows what you’re doing.

6. Reassure potential customers

Taking pictures of you or your team working safely and as cleanly as possible reassures customers that you’ll:

  • Treat their home with care.
  • Use tools that’ll get the work done efficiently and to a good standard.
  • Work safely.

Many homeowners will want to know how you’re working safely during the pandemic. Photos of you wearing a mask and using other protective products are a good way to show this.

The benefits of sharing photos of your work on social media

Tradesperson looking at photos of previous work on smartphone

Social media is an easy and low-cost way to share photos of your work. Here are three key reasons why you should share your work on social media:

It builds your brand online

Using social media is a great way to expand your online presence and reach a wide audience of potential customers.

It helps keep relationships with your customers going

By getting your current and previous clients to follow you on social media, you can remind them that you’re around and stay front of mind for future work. You can also do this by following them and interacting with anything they post about their home.

It makes it easier for others to spread the word about good work

If they like the look of your work, people can re-post your photos in a matter of seconds. Doing this means they’ll spread the good word about you to their followers online.

Make sure to tag us @RatedPeople when you share your work on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so we can show your great work off too!

6 top tips on how to take great photos of your work

Tradesperson taking photo inside home

We’ve put together some top tips on how to make your photos stand out. Click on the button below each point to view a quick-reference card. Then, save the card to your phone so you can remind yourself of the tips when you’re taking photos during a job!

1. Stand back and take a photo of the whole area surrounding your work.

That way, you can show how great your work looks with the existing features of the space.

2. Take close-ups.

If you’ve got impressive details in your work that might impress potential customers, then a close-up shot is a great way to draw attention to them.

3. Take pictures before you start the work and once you’ve finished it.

A before and after shot really helps to show what’s been changed and how your work has improved their home. Plus, if the work you’ve done isn’t obvious to the untrained eye, such as installing new pipes or wiring, then a before and after shot is a good way to show what you’ve actually done.

4. Include yourself in some of your photos.

There’s no need to make all of your photos selfies! But, photos of you wearing safety equipment, using specialist tools and keeping your working space clean helps to reassure customers, like we stated earlier.

5. Take photos safely.

If you want to get a photo of you in action, or you’re working in a potentially dangerous situation (like at height), then ask someone else to take a photo of you. This will make sure you can stay safe whilst working. Plus, it’ll look more natural.

6. Take photos of your equipment.

Photos of new tools that you’ve recently bought and of specialist tools that help you work quicker and more efficiently show homeowners that you’ll only bring the best of the best to the job.

How to reach even more customers with photos of your work

When you take good, high quality photos of your work, brands like Rated People are more likely to share them on their own social media profiles. Lots of brands have thousands of people following them – your next customer could be one of them! We’d love to showcase your projects to our followers. Simply tag us @RatedPeople or email them to us: [email protected].

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