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International Bath Day

Bathroom FitterFor those of you who don’t know, 14th June is International Bath Day, and no-one is happier about this than John, our Senior Copywriter. Here he talks about his slightly bizarre love of baths, along with his quick tips for transforming your bathroom from the functional to the fun.

I love a bath, I really do. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered that the 14th day of June, in the year of our rubber ducky 2017, is International Bath Day. Everyone should be given the day off to have a nice, long, relaxing, 8-hour bath. And if there had been a party advocating for that at the general election, I would have reached for the pencil with my shrivelled fingertips and placed a cross in their box.

Sometimes, when I’m particularly relishing a bath, but the water starts getting cold, I simply summon my bath butler for a top-up of the hot stuff, and I settle back for another innings.

You might think I’m joking – and you’d be right. I don’t have a bath butler. I have to manually add more hot water, using my prune-like palms to twist the taps. But one day, my friends… one day.

So you’re probably wondering what makes my bath time so much better than yours, and you’re in luck, because I’m about to tell you.


1. The bath

Okay okay. I have a normal bath. But you don’t need a fancy bath to be able to truly enjoy the experience. As long as you can fit in it, and it holds hot water – you’re golden. When I was a teenager my parents got one of those whirlpool baths so that we could feel like we were in a posh hotel. Except it was louder than Mr Blobby’s Hawaiian shirt collection, and on two occasions a team of experts from the British Geological Survey arrived on our doorstep because it had hit 2.3 on the Richter scale. Other than that, the effect on the water was rather pleasant.

However, that was 15 years ago and times have changed. Whirlpool baths now have super quiet pumps, and they can be very affordable too, so they’re definitely worth a look if you want to take your bathing experience to the next level.

Thinking about a more serious makeover in the bathroom area? You can talk through all your options with a bathroom fitter or designer. Corner bath? Claw-foot bath? Freestanding bath? Your bathing options are vast, but you will find your way.

2. Boozy baths

Girls just wanna have fun, and they do, by having a glass of classy red wine in the bath. Quite why men haven’t been so quick to catch on is a mystery to me. That said, I’m a bit of a maverick, but I’m not reckless – keep it to one glass so you don’t go from boozy to woozy.

This bath shelf not only serves the magnificent purpose of hosting a wine glass, it also guards against it slipping over. And that’s just one of its 3 headline features. Throw in a slot for a candle, as well as a book holder, and you’re all set for an extended relaxation session in the bath.

After that, if you want to take your bath from a cosy pub to a banging club, then fire up this underwater disco ball to really get the party started. Just remember to dismiss your bath butler before everything kicks off… he doesn’t need to see this.

3. Pretty baths

There are loads of little touches you can add to your bathroom, just pick the ones that suit your style, and be damned with anyone who stands in your way.

Diffusers – the bottles look lovely and they give your bathroom a light scent. Be a sport and pop one on a windowsill, or near a sink if you have the space.

Scented candles – get the sultry look, along with a gorgeous smell. Put some on the corners of your bath, and think about the combination of smells if you’re also using a diffuser. If one of them is a sweet smell like cotton or vanilla, then balance it with something herby or woody.

Colourful towels – if your bathroom is neutral, then it’s great to offset it with a bit of colour. You don’t need to commit to anything permanent that you might find gaudy down the road – get the look with colourful towels, and change the shade whenever you feel like it.

Wooden shelves, hooks, or mini steps – give your bathroom some warmth with the use of natural wood. It’s worth checking that any furniture you choose is suitable for moist spaces though. They’re great for storage solutions and putting those colourful towels on show. Need a hand popping anything on the walls? Find a handyman.

Bathroom wallpaper – spice up your life with some patterned wallpaper. You can plaster Audrey Hepburn up there if you like, whatever takes your fancy. It’s okay to use wallpaper in a bathroom as long as you bear a few things in mind.

  • Don’t use it if you have lingering moisture or any sort of mould issues.
  • Ideally you should put it up on a wall that isn’t too near the bath.
  • If you put it over a sink, use a splashback to stop it getting too wet.
  • You’ll probably have to redecorate every couple of years to keep it looking top notch.
  • But hey, that’s a small price to pay to get an icon of Hollywood’s golden age on your wall, plus you’ll get a new look every couple of years – keep things fresh.

Massive mirrors – they make a bathroom look much bigger than it is, and feel quite luxurious, without a mega price tag attached.

4. Bath bombs

Bath bombs are pretty epic. I haven’t experienced such a pleasing effervescence since I first poured milk on my Rice Krispies as a kid. Or since I last put a Berocca in a glass of water when hungover. A bath bomb adds oils, scents, bubbles, and colour to your bath, but for a fully psychedelic experience, drop the bomb and turn on your underwater disco. Check out the range at aptly-named Lush.

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