Loft storage ideas for 2022

Bring in the new year by upgrading the space in your attic or loft. Considering the best ways to best use your attic storage space not only reinvents the area but helps declutter the rest of your home. Although you might not spend a lot of time up in your loft, it’s important to keep the space as decluttered and organised as possible. Improving your loft storage doesn’t have to be complicated with our simple, easy, and effective ideas.

Get inspired by our top 5 loft storage ideas to get the most out of your upstairs space and help make it organised and aesthetically pleasing in the new year.

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Labels and clear containers

Your future self will thank you for this loft storage idea. Organising your belongings or holiday decorations couldn’t get easier with the help of labels and clear containers.

Clear plastic storage container filled with Christmas tree decorations.

Once things are separated and put in place, using clear containers means you can easily observe the contents of each storage box without having to search.

Wire or wooden racks

A wire or wooden rack is an easy and cost-effective way to add extra storage in your loft without the need to damage your walls.

Wire racks with storage boxes

The options are endless when opting for a wire rack as you can choose the size and height to best optimise your loft space.

 DIY storage

Woman painting her own wooden storage unit outside.

Creating your own makeshift storage unit is not only budget-friendly but also extremely effective. By using locker storage or unused furniture to create a storage unit you can customise the unit to suit your personal preferences.

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Shelf hanging

Wooden shelf hanging on a brick wall.

By putting up shelves on the walls of your loft you can benefit from wall and floor storage space. Hanging wood or plywood shelves works as a storage space and also can complement the design of your home.

To add more wooden furnishings or storage shelves to your home, find a local Rated People carpenter.


Behind-the-door storage

If your loft is small, using your loft door as a place to store belongings is a great option.

Coats hanging up on a wooden behind-the-door coat rack.

Simply add clothing hooks or small baskets to the back of the door and you immediately have created a space to store heavy winter coats or bags.


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