The pantry is back – say good bye to the fitted kitchen

The pantry is making a come back. A renaissance of nesting and homemaking have inspired the revival of the nostalgic pantry.

A pantry is the kitchen’s version of a walk-in wardrobe – both practical and funcational. It is always useful to have a back-up of, well everything, but a pantry will help you stay organised avoiding multiple duplications of dry goods. To top it off, a pantry isn’t just practical, amongst its form and function it has its own nostalgic charm.

No Place Like Home show us what a well ordered pantry should look like.

Kitchens are seen as the heart of the home, not just for cooking but for living.  In recent years people have been moving away from the typical  fitted kitchen – they are repetitive and stark. The upper end of the market have instead been opting for the free-standing kitchen, adding character and comfort for that lived in feeling. People often opt for the fitted kitchen because they think that they get more space out of wall and base units than a dresser: this is not the case, hide away unsightly tins and jars in a pantry and keep the best on show with dressers and shelves. The Bohemian Company have some beautiful free standing items from modern to rustic French.


It may seem daunting furnishing a whole kitchen with individual peices, but the beauty is that you can do it over time, don’t let your kitchen be determind by budget. Kitchens are notoriously the most expensive room in the house to renovate. If your budget is modest then a free-standing kitchen, invested in over time, is the perfect way to create your dream kitchen.

The pantry is an extension of a kitchen, ideally placed in a cold, dry, dark place away from utilites and the oven – the unused space under the stairs suddenly has a practical use! Pantries aren’t just a space saving and practical option, they are often a cheaper storage solution than fitting seprate base and wall units. It’s simply the modern answer to a beautiful and practical kitchen: free-standing units with a walk in pantry.

If  you’re renovating your kitchen think outside of the box with a free standing kitchen. However if that’s a step to far, but you’re craving cupboard space and organisation, consider a pantry.

For all your kitchen needs get in touch with a Rated  carpenter or plumber via Rated People, whether you’ve decided to go for the safe fitted option, or a custom pantry, our tradesmen are perfect for the job.

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  1. I agree that pantry is a come back mode of simple kitchen type version..A pantry is the kitchen’s version of a walk-in wardrobe its damn really true..Its helps me any my kitchen to have duplicacy of foods in my kitchen…

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