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Most searched for celebrity houses

With most of the world at various stages of lockdown, we’re all spending a lot more time in our homes right now. The same goes for the rich and famous, and because of social media such as Instagram Lives and TikTok, we’re seeing a lot more of their homes than normal as well.

It got us thinking – we know from our recent Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report that people get the inspiration for their own homes from a range of places, like Pinterest and magazines, but are people looking up celebrity homes too? And if so, whose houses are we searching for the most? We decided to delve into the data to find out.

We took hundreds of the most well-known people in the world, from actors to influencers, and analysed search data to see how many people were Googling their houses. The results are in.

World’s most searched for celebrity homes

1. Kim Kardashian – 168,000 6. Tom Brady – 93,400
2. =Kylie Jenner – 115,200 7. =Ellen DeGeneres – 86,400
2. =Will Smith – 115,200 7. =Eminem – 86,400
3. Elon Musk – 105,600 8. Jeffree Star – 82,800
4. Pewdiepie – 99,600 9. Ed Sheeran – 80,400
5. Lionel Messi – 98,400 10. Justin Bieber – 79,200
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Kim Kardashian’s house (above)

According to the data, Kim Kardashian’s house, that she shares with Kanye West and their four children, is the most searched for celebrity home in the world. Over 12 months, there are a huge 168,000 searches globally by those looking to take a peek into her famously minimalist LA home.

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Kylie Jenner’s house (above)

Kim’s sister Kylie’s home is next on the list, she’s recently moved into a house worth $36.5 million that boasts seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms and an outdoor and indoor home theatre.

Kylie’s home places joint second with the house of actor Will Smith, with their homes being searched for 115,200 times a year. Both their houses are also said to be in LA.

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Tom Brady’s house (above)

Two sports stars’ homes feature in the top ten list – Argentinean footballer Lionel Messi’s, which is rumoured to be a Mediterranean-style villa in Barcelona, and American footballer Tom Brady’s. Tom is said to have recently purchased a home in Connecticut.

The only Brit’s home to make the top ten is Ed Sheeran’s. The award-winning musician has built an entire estate in Suffolk where he grew up that consists of five properties, and there are over 80,000 searches for it annually.

World’s most searched for royal homes

1. Prince Harry – 8,040 6. Queen Elizabeth II – 1,800
2. Meghan Markle – 5,040 7. Prince Andrew – 1,320
3. Prince William – 4,800 8. Princess Beatrice – 1,080
4. Kate Middleton – 4,200 9. Prince Edward – 720
5. Prince Charles – 3,960 10. Zara Phillips – 600

Although no royals’ houses appear in the top ten, all over the globe people search in their thousands to have a look into the houses (or rather palaces) of princes and princesses.

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Prince William’s house (above)

Perhaps reflective of their recent move to the US, Harry and Meghan’s homes are the first and second most searched for, followed by those of William and Kate. Although not officially confirmed, Harry and Meghan have reportedly been staying in an LA home owned by actor and director, Tyler Perry. We do know though, that Kate and William live at both Kensington Palace in London and Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

When William and Kate have invited cameras into their apartment in Kensington Palace, we’ve seen that it’s traditionally decorated with ornate touches such as oil paintings, sculptures and decorative vases.

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Buckingham Palace (above)

Surprisingly the home of the reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II’s house, only came in at 6th place. There are 1,800 searches globally for her home – she splits her time between Buckingham Palace in London, Windsor Castle in Windsor and Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Buckingham Palace is currently undergoing £369 million renovations which includes updating the plumbing and electrics and making some general décor improvements. If you’re interested in seeing the works being made, follow the official @TheRoyalFamily account on Instagram.

World’s most searched for influencer homes

1. Pewdiepie – 99,600 6. Lilly Singh – 5,280
2. Jeffree Star – 82,800 7. Liza Koshy – 5,040
3. Shane Dawson – 21,600 8. Rosanna Pansino – 4,200
4. =Zoe Sugg – 19,200 9. Jaclyn Hill – 4,080
4. =James Charles – 19,200 10. Tanya Burr – 2,760
5. Mrs Hinch – 10,800

For many influencers, sharing their lives is all part of the job. So it’s perhaps not surprising that we’re curious about the houses they’re living in as well.

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Pewdiepie’s house (above)

Pewdiepie, whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, has the most Googled influencer house with 99,600 searches a year. Although originally from Sweden, he lives in Brighton with his wife and fellow influencer Marzia and they’re said to have recently bought a home in Japan too.

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Zoe Sugg’s house (above)

Three British influencers also make the list. Zoe Sugg’s house is searched for nearly 20,000 times a year, she lives with her boyfriend (and YouTuber) Alfie Deyes in a seven-bed house in Brighton which is decorated with subway tiles, velvet furniture, roll top baths and lots of plants. Cleaning Instagrammer Mrs Hinch, who famously has a very grey-hued décor style, has the 5th most searched for influencer home, and beauty guru Tanya Burr’s home is searched for nearly 2,800 times a year. Her London house has a minimal feel with dark floorboards and simple white furniture.

World’s most searched for sports stars’ homes

1.Lionel Messi – 98.400 6. Kawhi Leonard – 45,600
2. Tom Brady – 93,600 7. Virat Kohli – 42,000
3. Michael Jordan – 67,200 8. Roger Federer – 32,400
4. LeBron James – 60,000 9. Sachin Tendulkar – 30,000
5. Cristiano Ronaldo – 52,800 10. Stephen Curry – 22,800
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Michael Jordan’s house (above)

It seems like we’re not only interested in how sports stars play, but also what their homes are like. Footballers, cricketers, basketball players, American footballers and tennis players all make the top ten list of most searched for homes. Lionel Messi’s home is the one that’s Googled the most, which (from glimpses on Instagram) looks to be modern with stunning sea views. In second place is Tom Brady’s home which he shares with his wife and model Gisele Bündchen –  both their social media profiles show a chic home with a private gym and large kitchen with marble worktops.

If you’re feeling inspired after looking at some of the amazing houses of the rich and famous, find your nearest local tradesperson to make those home dreams a reality.

All search figures were acquired from Ahrefs, correct as of 29th April 2020.

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