Professionals could help to improve home safety

The use of professional tradesman – such as electricians is one way to improve safety levels around the home.

Stephanie Trotter OBE, president and director of CO-Gas Safety, has told how electronic equipment can be fitted to prevent accidents occurring. For example, she recommended installing carbon monoxide alarms in properties as these are proven to save “many lives”. Carbon monoxide is a significant threat to Britons and poisoning is possible, with the likely symptoms of this including nausea, sickness and tiredness.

Ms Trotter advised testing existing alarms or fitting new ones – something a professional could be entrusted with.

A recent press release from those behind the Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed campaign revealed that 50 people in the UK died last year as a result of the gas. In addition, 4,000 were treated in hospital, emphasising the importance of protecting a home against it and ensuring the smooth running of alarms.

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