Smart kitchen solutions for wine and drinks

Summer’s a great time to get together with friends and entertain. For most of us, that involves a refreshing glass of fizz or glass of red at the perfect temperature. However, finding room in the fridge can be tricky when it’s usually taken up with the weekly groceries. Rather than cramming bottles onto a crowded wire rack, try creating a dedicated place for drinks in your kitchen design instead. There are lots of ways to do this but here are a few ideas.

Install a wine rack

As well as being a handy way to showcase a collection of wine, a built-in rack is a useful way of filling in space in your design, squeezing into gaps and crevices that might otherwise go to waste. Between cupboards, above larders and even within islands, a built-in wine rack makes sure that every inch of your kitchen is working hard. There’s no need to be modest either – it’s easy to turn it into a feature with coloured glass or LED lighting behind.

Given that there are so many places for it to go, think carefully about where you want to site your rack. Next to the fridge means you can easily pop a few bottles in to cool, or if you entertain frequently, outside the working area of your kitchen means that guests can help themselves. Always avoid adding a rack near sources of heat or steam as it’ll damage the wine.

wine rack

Image source: Rencraft

Create your own bar

The ultimate in entertaining, the home bar is back on trend but instead of being a retro throwback, it’s all about creating a luxurious area to whip up a cocktail and serve a chilled bottle of wine. Adding one to your kitchen is easier than ever thanks to sliding and pocket doors that can hide a bar area when it’s not in use, gliding back to reveal when it’s required. This design has everything you’d need, from a pair of wine fridges to keep bottles in degree-perfect condition to an instant hot and cold water tap so it’s just as handy for morning coffee as it is for espresso martinis.

kitchen bar

Image source: Poggenpohl

Splurge on a cellar

We’d all love to have a walk-in wine store just off the kitchen or a dedicated room below stairs but limited space isn’t a barrier to having a collection of bottles at your fingertips. This ventilated subterranean cellar isn’t just the perfect place to store wine; it can also be used to house food items, such as tins, preserves and vegetables, and even dairy products at the right temperature and humidity level. If floor space is at a premium, these smart cellars can even be installed in the garden.

wine cellar

Image source: Spiral Cellars

Pick pull-out drawers

If a wine rack on show doesn’t fit your sleek kitchen look, there’s still a way to make a dedicated home for it. Internal storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes, including this five-bottle oak Q-Box rack, which stops bottles from moving as the drawer is opened and closed. Plus, if it’s no longer needed, the rack can be removed and the drawer used for another purpose.

drawer storage

Image source: Leicht UK

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