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Our ratings are like ‘word of mouth’ from 1 million friends

Ratings are so important to us, we put them in our name.

We all ask family and friends for recommendations that we can trust, but when it comes to finding tradespeople for important projects, why take just one person’s word?

Ratings are word of mouth from over 1 million friends. Each one left for a tradesperson, helps a homeowner like you get a better understanding of whether they’re the right person for a job.

Total star ratings on Rated People

Ratings you can trust

Our ratings system is special. Unlike other services, only homeowners who’ve posted jobs through Rated People can rate tradespeople – so you know they’re genuine.

What makes up a rating?

You can give tradespeople a score out of five, with five being the best. When you give a tradesperson and overall rating, we suggest to consider the quality of work, the value for money, and the reliability.

You also have the option to leave a review to go alongside your rating. That’s your opportunity to explain your rating and go into more detail about your experience.

How to rate a tradesperson

  1. Log in to your free account or launch our Homes mobile app and select ‘My jobs’ to bring up the list of jobs you’ve posted.
  2. Select the job from the list and click the ‘Add rating’ button for the tradesperson who completed the work.
  3. Select a rating, then write your review.

It’s as easy as that.

Play your part in our community

Take a minute to leave a rating when the work’s done. It’s easy to forget when you’re happy, but tradespeople rely on ratings to make a good first impression and help them line up more work. Each time a tradesperson is interested in a job, we send the homeowner a link to their profile page, containing their ratings and reviews.

The more ratings we collect together, the more feedback you’ll have to help you decide who to hire.


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