Solar panels ‘are an important part of green refits’

People who would like to carry out a green refit on their home have been advised that solar panels are perhaps one of the best investments they can make.

Claire Raven, of Solar Panels 4U, explained that the technology is an excellent investment in the future.

She noted the continuing increases in energy bills provide the perfect incentive to consider solar panels – and perhaps hire builders in London to install them.

“The way forward is to actually combine that with solar thermal to do things like ground heat pumps and air heat pumps. Just reduce energy bills,” Ms Raven stated.

She went on to describe green technology as the “way forward” and suggested solar panels are likely to be at the forefront of developments.

It was recently revealed by that some 51 per cent of homeowners in London would consider the option of installing solar panels as they look to drive down their energy bills.

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