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Room or corridor? Hallway design

Hallways are often the forgotten part of a home and an afterthought when it comes to decorating. But  first impressions matter. Real-estate agents talk about kitchens being the heart of the home, but if we’re going to be literal about it, the hallway is the heart of the home and the first room you see when entering a house.

This is the room that everyone sees when they come into your home, but why is it treated more like a corridor than a room? Everyone wants more space, extending, excavating, converting and the list goes on, but what about the wasted space that is the hallway?

When I think of hallways, I think of 25-bedroom houses with double height ceilings and sweeping staircases, not galley ways or corridors. There must be an in-between that balances functional corridor and welcoming room…

Picture of a large hallway with staircase

A hallway should be welcoming and set the tone for the rest of the house, but it also needs to be functional, making maximum use of the space available. Modern homes place emphasis on large rooms, often at the expense of the hallway. The challenge is to make the most of the space by finding areas to conceal storage and design schemes that open the space up.

Often the space under the stairs is not utilised to its full potential, depending on the size and location of the staircase there are multiple opportunities to carve out a useful space. An attractive hallway can add value to a home and an addition such as a downstairs loo is the perfect example.

Picture of a small bathroom by a hallway

Another gem from House to Home above – cloakrooms are the perfect space to experiment with design and take a few risks.

A small cloakroom housing a loo and a small basin, if cleverly laid out, can be fitted into even the smallest space. The addition of a cloakroom can change how you live in your house – less fighting for the bathroom in the morning and more accommodating for your guests – whilst adding another selling feature to your property. A small basin and lavatory unit can be purchased cheaply but along with a plumber, it is worth getting a builder to take a look at the space – there may be more untapped space lurking behind or above that he can uncover!

Storage is often the pitfall of many a hallway with coats and shoes littering the space. Again there are often unused areas that would suit a wardrobe to conceal outdoor wear and guests’ coats. You may consider your hallway too small to accommodate any storage, off-the-shelf options are bulky and often look oversized and out-of-place in a small hallway. Instead consider a custom designed option; a local carpenter can create a storage solution ideal for your space, for less than you might imagine.

Picture of a hallway with a nook with pillows to sit on

If your hallway is on the small side, keep flooring light in colour and continue it into adjoining rooms to give a good flow to your house and give the illusion of opening up the space. While space is at a premium and modern hallways are getting smaller, it’s time to be a bit smarter with hallway design and decoration.

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