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Freshen up & Declutter your Home

Forget about fad diets and early morning jogging – the best resolution you can make this year is giving your home some love. So get ready to declutter your home and refresh with these great ideas.

1. Soften up your furnishings

Cushions and throws come with transformative powers built in. But don’t just limit yourself to a fresh batch on your sofa or bed – they’re handy all round the house. Try using them to turn an unloved corner of a room or a wide window into a reading nook or keep some by the back door to make outdoor furniture cosy.

declutter your home
Image source: Shabby Chic collection at House of Fraser

2. Declutter your home and store

If you’re hanging onto things but running out of room, it’s time to declutter. Not only will your home feel spacious but also more inviting. Get rid of anything beyond repair, donate items to charity and remove anything you’re still on the fence about and store for a few months to see if you miss it.

3. Wow your walls

Art isn’t just for your main rooms. Consider hanging pictures in less obvious places, such as a hallway, landing or cloakroom. Choose pieces with plenty of impact or try framing some personal mementos such as greeting cards, postcards and photo collages.

refresh your home
Image source: Debenhams

4. Revamp your bedding

It’s easy to forget about your bedroom in a home refresh but it’s worth spending time to make it more appealing. Try changing your linen for a set that’s brighter or patterned to give the space some character and add different types of lighting – a mix of floor and table lamps as well as overhead lighting on a dimmer.

5. Swap heavy curtains for voiles and blinds

Winter months call for thick window dressings but once the dark evenings have waned, make sure you’re not still missing out on daylight. Hang a lighter treatment in the rooms you spend the most time in so they feel naturally bright and cheery.

revamp interiors
Image source: Dunelm 

6. Deep clean nooks and crannies

Make time to give all those areas around your home a proper clean and you’ll be surprised at just how transformative it can be. Wash windows inside and out, stick your shower curtain in the wash (or swap it for a new one if it’s seen better days) and find out what all those attachments on your vacuum are for by getting into corners, high up around the ceiling and dust-busting your sofa and armchairs.

7. Bring in bouquets

A bunch of blooms needn’t be expensive – or even real for that matter (the latest faux flowers and plants are more convincing than ever) – but they’ll brighten up your home. Try a vase full on the dining table, a statement plant in your hallway, succulents in your bathroom (look for ones that love a warm, humid atmosphere), flowerheads in a bowl of water or even some pretty bud vases dotted around bedrooms.

declutter house
Image source: Spring Bloom collection at Sainsburys

8. Turn your fireplace into a feature

When it’s not in use, a hearth is a great place to decorate. It’s simple to turn it into a focal point with clusters of lanterns, candles and vases at its base on either side. Ensure these aren’t too symmetrical and are different heights to add plenty of interest.

9. Make every room smell great

You can’t beat the feeling of walking in the door to be greeted by a lovely scent. Freshen up by opening your windows for 15 minutes a day, deodorise with baking soda (leave some in the fridge, pour it down drains with the hot tap running, sprinkle on sofas and carpets before vacuuming up, or try a little left in smelly shoes overnight) and add some fresh herbs in pots to your kitchen windowsill.

10. Fix minor snags

It’s easy to get used to the imperfections around our home but spare a few minutes to sort them and it’ll give your home a more polished feel. Fill cracks in walls, touch up chipped skirting with a lick of paint and tighten up or replace loose hinges or handles.

Ready to make  some of your bigger home improvement ideas a reality? Starting your project is easy. Simply head to our homepage and tell our registered tradespeople what they can do to help. 

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    1. Hi Julie,

      I’m afraid we don’t currently offer upholstery as a category type, but we do have a bespoke furniture design and build category within our traditional craftsman category if that’s of interest. There are also of course, all manner of internal painting jobs.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Brian,

      How we work is that you post a job using the webform on our homepage. Once posted, up to three tradespeople who work in the relevant trade and whose work area cover your postcode, can purchase your job lead. We then send you the details of these tradespeople along with their Rated People profile pages (complete with any ratings and reviews from past customers) to help you decide who to hire.

      Kind regards,

  1. Hi i am struggling as to what to do to create a feature wall in my living room. I don’t want a fireplace. Is there anything else I can do. Would appreciate some ideas please.

    Kind regards Meena

    1. Hi Meena,

      Have you tried asking our tradespeople for some ideas? We have an ‘Ask’ section at where you can post a question for tradespeople to answer. One thing you could do is have a feature wall with a wall-mounted TV as the focus. You could also lean more towards wall art too if you like that style – check out the gallery wall in one of our past blogs here:

      I hope this helps.


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