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24th April

We live in the loft-living age where owning a property is a luxury and not a given. Yet, we’re all still desperate to hold onto our sense of privacy. What if we said that three generations of a family could live together under the same roof and still have their alone time? Custom-built home, A […]

10th April

This time of year, it’s all systems go for decorating but if you can’t tell a shade from a tint, fear not – help is on hand in the form of our rather nifty tutorial, “How to put together a colour scheme”. Our guide goes back to basics, giving you the inside track on choosing […]

27th March

Do you often wish that you had more space at home? When your rooms are cut off from the outside, your home will feel much smaller than it needs to. Unlock the extra space at your fingertips by blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside. We reveal all sorts of tricks, from reworking the […]

13th March

/body> Metals like chrome and nickel have featured on our fixtures for as long as we can remember but now’s the time for metallics to really shine and extend far beyond just taps and handles. Use them well and you’ll highlight your kitchen’s best features, creating a luxe look with just the right amount of […]

27th February

We pick the paint for our walls, the shape of our sofas and the material for our floors. But, as for our banisters, they don’t get much consideration when it comes to interior design choices. For our staircases, it’s function over fashion but we reveal how their location in our homes makes them worthy of […]

13th February

Phil Spencer is taking a break from his day job and taking over our Rated People Twitter account on Monday 23rd February at 11am. If you’ve got a burning property or home improvement question to ask Phil (whether it’s upping the value on your home or something entirely different), put the date in the diary […]

30th January

We all love a high ceiling but what good is a ceiling when you’re short on floor space? Actually, it could be a blessing! Adding a partial mezzanine level can create enough space to be worth a whole extra room and even give you a reason to stay put instead of plotting your next move. […]

16th January

Let’s face it; we’re all feeling the pinch after Christmas. At the same time, we want to give our lives one big overhaul to take us well into the New Year – whether that’s an updated home, a healthier lifestyle or even a career change. It’s no wonder we suffer from the January blues. While […]

12th December

We couldn’t get hold of Monty The Penguin but we did manage to get hold of Santa – hooray! With Christmas now under two weeks away, we couldn’t resist having a bit of festive fun ourselves. Follow Santa’s journey as he visits a family on Christmas Eve and is in for a big surprise. Sometimes, […]

28th November

The street lights have been switched on and it’s now acceptable to start getting your own home ready for Christmas. This year, there are four key looks to choose from, starting with beautiful bronze and snowy white. Whether you’re into your metallics or want to evoke the sparkle of ice and snow, we have a […]