4 ways to prepare your home in autumn

Autumn is well and truly here. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to get ready for the colder months to come until we’re in the depths of winter!

Find out our top 4 ways to get ready for winter with our autumn property maintenance checklist below. 

1. Inspect your roof

roof covered with shingles flat polymeric roof-tiles

Get a head start on preparing your house for the drop in temperatures by carrying out a roof inspection. With the help of a professional you can effectively avoid a major roof leak or repair which could cause a lot of damage in the long run. A routine roof inspection for missing or loose tiles, water damage or dampness, damage to your chimney or loose flashing will not only prevent major damage to your home but ease your mind during winter.

Do you live in an older home? A professional roof check-up will determine if your house is losing heat through lack of good insulation and costing you a lot of money. Tick off roofing on your autumn maintenance list by ensuring your attic is correctly insulated and your rooftop is ventilated.

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2. Clean out your gutters and downspouts

Rain gutter full of autumn leaves

Along with a roof inspection, cleaning your gutters and downspouts of leaves will allow rainwater to flow off your house efficiently to avoid a blockage. Removing the debris from your guttering helps prevent long-term structural damage to your property and can easily be carried out by a roofer during your roof inspection.

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3. Windows and doors

Repairman painting old window frame

Have you noticed any signs of cracking in your paintwork? A professional can fix this to prevent frost reaching your woodwork and causing rot.

Draught proofing your windows and doors will not only save energy around your home but reduce your energy bills. With the correct help you can ensure your doors and windows are correctly fitted and suitable for autumnal weather changes.

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4. Check your heating

Heating engineer checking a boiler

Avoid costly damages to your home by getting your boiler serviced. An annual boiler service by a professional heating engineer will ensure your boiler does not break when you need it most! Leave the heating system maintenance to the professionals and tick off this important task on your maintenance list to make sure you stay safe and warm this autumn.

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